Khloe Kardashian Hints At Lamar Odom Love in Cryptic Quote: ‘KUWTK’ Star Turns Tyrant On ‘Kocktails With Khloe’

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom recently enjoyed a voyage to New York City that represented the first public appearance of the former NBA player since he was hospitalized after being found unconscious in a brothel. Lamar’s recovery from the alleged overdose that caused his medical crisis has been challenging, with initial reports describing Odom as near death. But with Khloe by his side after putting their divorce on hold, Lamar was released from the hospital and is making his way into the world again.

As rumors of a reconciliation and rekindled romance swirl, Kardashian and Odom even spent Valentine’s Day together, a source told E! News.

“It was more a day of friendship than romantic love,” revealed the source. “Lamar appreciates Khloe so much for everything she has done for him these past few months.”

To show how much he appreciates her, Odom chose a special gift.

“[Lamar gave Kardashian] beautiful flowers for being the woman and friend he will always love,” added the insider.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom attended Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 show together.

The holiday offered a quiet way to share their affection, following the media uproar and acclaim that accompanied Odom’s appearance with Khloe at Kanye West’s dramatic fashion show for Yeezy Season 3 in New York City. The experience represented challenges for Lamar, who was described as nervous. However, with encouragement from Kanye West, who extended a personal invitation and approval from his physicians, Odom made the journey.

“He’s good, he’s so good. It’s just insane what the human body can do,” exclaimed Khloe as part of a fan livestream. “We went on a hike the other day, Kim Kardashian, myself and Lam. It’s just crazy how quick things change and you never really know and that’s such a blessing. And I believe in God and praying and I’m so grateful.”

However, Kardashian also raised questions when she shared a cryptic quote on social media. To whom is Khloe addressing that statement – is it her ex-boyfriend James Harden, with whom she’s split, former beau French Montana, or Lamar?

We have to learn to accept the love we AREN'T given. Believe them when they show you their true colors. Stop trying to repaint that person into a shade they are not. To realize, that although we put someone on a pedestal, that does not mean that their judgment defines who we are. We must learn to love ourselves first unconditionally. So we have the strength to not let others love us on their conditions. In conditional love: love is 'earned' on the basis of conscious or unconscious conditions. Conditional love is purely based off of how one can benefit. You, in a sense are paying for another's love. Constantly auditioning for a spot in their lives. Whereas in unconditional love, love is given freely no matter what. With acceptance and purity. Loving is primary. Conditional love requires some kind of finite exchange, whereas unconditional love is seen as infinite and measureless. I think that, at any given point, we are faced with the choice of whether to move on with what the universe gives and takes or to hold on and bury ourselves in our own misery. The choice is yours. Choose your happy over anything else. Love is different for us all. Be strong enough to Accept only unconditional love.

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Attempting to explain the meaning, Kardashian advised her followers on the difference between conditional and unconditional love.

“We must learn to love ourselves first unconditionally,” emphasized Khloe. “So we have the strength to not let others love us on their conditions….Love is different for us all. Be strong enough to Accept only unconditional love.”

But as the Inquisitr reported, even though Kardashian continues to love Odom, one report has revealed that Lamar is secretly planning to drop a divorce bombshell. Khloe’s estranged husband wants to take back control of his life, and to him, that allegedly means finalizing the divorce.

A source told Radar Online that even though Kardashian has played such an instrumental role in helping him regain his health, Odom is planning to complete the divorce process.

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian sat next to each other, but are they just friends, with a secret divorce in the works?

“He has decided that he wants to be in control of his life, and that means divorcing Khloe finally,” revealed the insider.

While that may be happening behind the scenes, Kardashian isn’t spending all her time keeping up with her current and former loves. Khloe recently has added talk show host to her resume, with the highly publicized Kocktails with Khloe getting high enough ratings to give her more episodes. But that’s causing some chaos and confusion for Kardashian when it comes to the money, reported Radar Online.

The FYI network signed Khloe to 27 additional episodes of her Kocktails with Khloe talk show. But an insider told Radar that not even a $2 million signing bonus is keeping Kardashian content.

“Now that Khloe’s talk show got picked up for all these new episodes, she wants more stake in the company than ever before,” revealed the insider. “She now knows how powerful her voice truly is.”

However, is Khloe overestimating her power? A major factor in the popularity of her talk show isn’t Kardashian herself but all those fascinating guests that she’s attracted, ranging from members of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians family to stars such as Tori Spelling.

“Khloe really does not want to have her family on every single week anymore because she wants to stand out from that, which is why she had Tori on this week,” added the insider.

However, what Kardashian wants is very different from what the producers plan.

“The producers at the network really believe that people are tuning into the show to see the off-script Kardashian drama carry over into Kocktails,” clarified the source. “They are looking at this the same way that audiences respond to such shows as Watch What Happens Live.”

Will Khloe win, or will the producers triumph?

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