WWE News: Independent Star Zack Sabre Jr. Coming To WWE Soon?

In a perfect world, one would imagine that all wrestlers would be able to face each other at any time. We could have one promotion filled with every star in the world. Sadly, this is not such a world, as we are full of many companies with many top stars. We do not get to see dream matches as often, and we do not get to see major independent stars at the top of the mountain for very long. WWE tends to get to them late, so many do get a lot of time before they are close to retirement.

Take Daniel Bryan as one example of this alone. His retirement made shockwaves throughout pro-wrestling and even sports. That is why bringing in a star earlier rather than later is essential for WWE, and they may be doing so with European great Zack Sabre Jr. The 28-year-old British phenom has made quite a name for himself around the world, performing for the NWA-UK system as well as Pro Wrestling Noah, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Revolution Pro Wrestling, and Progress Wrestling.

He was named the Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Danielson Award Winner for 2014 and 2015, which was formerly called the best technical wrestler award. The WON crew renamed it as a nod to Daniel Bryan. Sabre, Jr. is seen as one of the top technical workers in the world and what he does in the ring rivals most..

Sabre Japan

Zack Sabre Jr. spoke with Sports Illustrated recently, and was asked about a potential WWE run.

“The WWE is fantastic, but you have to go in with the right mindset. If I went there, then I would be aware that I would be working for a company that is predominantly television-minded. You can’t be naive when you enter there and expect to be doing what you’re doing on a live show in front of a few hundred people who are all real passionate wrestling fans. But their product is great, and it’s an incredible weekly television show. If you want to succeed, you can if you have the right mindset. I also feel there is so much more to achieve and learn, on a personal level as well, for me in Japan. With my style, I really think I can go anyway.

I don’t have to be stubborn and say, ‘I’ll never go to WWE,’ but I certainly don’t have to main event WrestleMania to feel like I’ve been successful. I have to wrestle to the level that I want to wrestle, and that’s continuously on an upward slope.”

Despite what he told SI, he may be coming to the WWE sooner rather than later. He is going to be starting with EVOLVE soon, which is under the WWN banner. The idea is that he would be exclusive for a bit, which is a big deal for a number of reasons.

The Wrestling Observer reports that Sabre is getting his work visa for the United States and is expected to work with EVOLVE for a bit before coming to WWE. This will allow Sabre to understand more of an American-based wrestling style, which is also influenced by WWE and their style.

zack sabre, jr

One would imagine that he would then most likely come into the WWE NXT brand to help replace stars like Finn Balor and Sami Zayn, who are both expected to be called up to the main roster at some point this year. Sabre would be closely watched by WWE, and with the working relationship WWE has with WWN, this will basically allow talent to work there first to help them make a great deal of money before getting the rights to sign him.

This is huge for EVOLVE, as Sabre is an exclusive talent. A lot of the EVOLVE stars had been working with WWN on top of other independent companies. That means WWE could be recruiting several names with WWN and that would allow WWN to get the major indie stars first to make great independent money. WWE would then swoop in and grab them when they feel they are ready.

WWE was considering throwing those they did not feel were ready to WWN first, but clearly Zack Sabre Jr. is ready to come into WWE. One would imagine this is WWE throwing WWN a bone so that they can make great money. WWE is also funding WWN a bit, as they are giving them six figures per year to make talent exclusive. Some fans believe they even have some WWE people at WWN events just to make sure things are done right. In fact, Triple H happened to be at one recently.

[Image via robbrazierphoto.com]