'The 100' Season 3 Spoilers: EP Hints Pike And Bellamy Saved The Day?

On the last episode of The 100, Bellamy joined Pike's anti-Grounder mission. To the horror of fans across America, Bellamy made the worst decision possible. Or did he? Jason Rothenberg, creator and executive producer of The 100 spoke about Pike's reasoning and Bellamy's choice, teasing that the anti-Grounder mission may actually save the day.

It's difficult to imagine how the deaths of hundreds of people can be a good thing. However, Indra's army are not ordinary people. They are Grounders, and the camp didn't have a good start with them. On The 100, Indra's army was at Arkadia to protect them. At least, until Bellamy joined Pike's anti-Grounder mission on The 100 season 3, episode 4.

Many fans of The 100 are wondering how Bellamy will be able to redeem himself. Spoilers for The 100 season 3, episode 5, titled "Hakeldama," tease that Bellamy will regret his actions. Clarke will find out that Bellamy participated in the Grounder army massacre, which could complicate things with Lexa.

Just wait until Octavia finds out Bellamy is responsible. She considers the Grounders to be "her people." Octavia beating Bellamy to a bloody pulp in The 100 season 3 trailer makes perfect sense now.

After Bellamy's decision on The 100 season 3, episode 4, what else will Pike have Bellamy do? Pike is anti-Grounder to the extreme. He doesn't see that the Grounders are individuals with some good and others bad. Octavia considers herself a Grounder, which means she is automatically an enemy in Pike's eyes.

Many fans of The 100 assumed that Pike and Bellamy's anti-Grounder mission would lead to severe consequences on The 100. However, the creator of The 100 TV show just threw a curveball during an interview. Perhaps Bellamy won't have to redeem himself. The 100 showrunner teased that if Pike and Bellamy had not eliminated the Grounder army, that things would get so much worse for Arkadia.

"Pike does not believe that the Grounder army that's parked outside their (Arkadia's) door is going to be a good thing," Jason Rothenberg told Variety, "I don't want to spoil too much, but a few episodes later events unfold where had he not done that and that army was still there, they'd be f**ked."

Will Lexa, Clarke and Octavia understand that on the next episodes of The 100 season 3? Or will Bellamy be considered a traitor? A man who made a potentially deadly decision based on Politician Pike's convincing chat?

As for Rothenberg's big spoiler for The 100 season 3, what would happen if the Grounder army was still outside the camp? There are a few theories on this storyline.

On The 100 season 3, episode 4, Lexa killed Queen Nia. That makes Roan the King of Ice Nation. Roan is a different person than his mother. While Nia wanted everything and would do anything to get it, Roan thinks differently. Perhaps a new group will be introduced in The 100 season 3, one with a score to settle. Or maybe it will be one of the other clans. Not everyone is pleased that Clarke's group is now the 13th Clan, even though has renounced it on the last episode of The 100.

Another theory for The 100 season 3 is that Pike's anti-Grounder mission may have resulted in some bad blood. We don't know the things Pike did before season 3 of The 100. If he created enemies, the fact that he is now associated with the Arkers may put them in a difficult situation.

Spoilers Guide published the synopsis for The 100 season 3, episode 6. Titled "Bitter Harvest," the press release teases that a "quiet and mysterious threat is coming." Is this a person, group or a thing? Is it connected to Pike and Bellamy's anti-Grounder mission?

The synopsis for The 100 season 3, episode 6 also reveals that Clarke is torn between forgiveness and vengeance. This must be regarding Bellamy's actions, but which will she choose? Clarke needs to be careful of her decision. If she forgives Bellamy, this could be viewed by the Grounders as weakness. Their motto is "blood must have blood." Someone will have to pay for the Grounder army massacre. However, if she makes Bellamy pay, how will the Sky People react? It seems no decision will be the right one for Clarke.

The next episode of The 100 is titled "Hakeldama." Season 3, episode 5 airs February 18 on the CW network.

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