The Lady Gaga Grammy Awards Performance Memorializing Her Inspiration David Bowie Was Spectacular

The Lady Gaga Grammy Awards performance memorializing David Bowie was completely awesome. See it again with videos, pictures, descriptions, and more information. It was far too much to take in with just one viewing. The performance transfixed the audience with so many small details in wardrobe, sound, and live special effects. But most of all, that voice was simply amazing.

Lady Gaga made her Grammy Awards performance a huge tech production. The Verge reports that a large staff of tech experts were using technology for special camera effects. Beautiful and dramatic colors poured over and across her face like paint, and a spider appears to pop out of her eye. Computer graphics, live video processing, and holographic images made possible many things that could not have been done decades ago. However, musicians as early as the 1960s definitely tried for the very effects she was putting forth. It was very reminiscent of old psychedelic effects but much more technologically advanced. All this was very exciting, but the effects did not overshadow the performance or the music. It was a very well balanced, multi-sensory experience that evoked emotion on many levels.

For Lady Gaga, the Grammy Awards performance was all about honoring her role model David Bowie.

As we hear her first frothy notes “This is ground control to Major Tom,” suddenly it seems the decades are receding as we hear a bit more of “Space Oddity.” Then she seamlessly switches up to “Changes” and then to “Ziggy Stardust” so fast the audience was in total awe.

Surprisingly, Lady Gaga had a few wardrobe changes without missing a beat. How does she do it? People were transfixed, as she led into an uptempo by playing the keyboards a bit herself, for “Suffragette City” then, moving away from the keys, she switched to “Rebel, Rebel,” “Fashion,” “Fame,” Let’s Dance,” and finally “Heroes,” It was a fast-paced medley of nine songs — very different songs — in only six minutes, according to Billboard. To Lady Gaga, it was the most important six minutes ever, as she performed the music of David Bowie, a man who influenced her career more than anyone else.

Singer Lady Gaga attends The 58th GRAMMY Awards.

The Lady Gaga Grammy Awards performance featured a big cast as well. During the six-minute performance, there were background dancers, guitarists, and other musicians, including Nile Rodgers, who helped Bowie write “Let’s Dance.” It was a lot to take in and something most people will want to see over and over just to see what exactly happened.

Lady Gaga honors David Bowie

Lady Gaga was deeply moved by this Grammy Awards performance. She has explained over and over that if it were not for David Bowie, she would not be performing today, as Inquisitr explains. It was the influence of his performance style that led her to start being Lady Gaga. When Grammy Awards officials asked her to memorialize Bowie, she said it was the greatest honor of her life. The video below explains a lot about how she feels about Bowie.

The Lady Gaga Grammy Awards performance is getting excited reviews all over the internet, as the complexity of the entire performance keeps audiences at home and at the awards ceremony transfixed with visual fascination as well as the pleasure of just listening to her perfect voice. The fabrics, the colors, the dancers, and musicians all woven together with the music, and the special effects were almost overwhelming when taken together.

When the Lady Gaga Grammy Awards performance was finished, the formerly transfixed audience quickly jumped to their feet for an enthusiastic standing ovation.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]