NBA Trade Rumors: Coach Claims Blake Griffin Not On Trading Block

NBA Trade Rumors Blake Griffin

NBA trade rumors centered around the Los Angeles Clippers’ forward Blake Griffin are not true, according to a new report Monday.

ESPN NBA insider Chris Broussard stopped by the Mike And Mike Show to discuss several trade rumors being circulated around the league as the deadline for making trades this season looms this week. During the segment, Chris Broussard recounted a proposed trade with the Denver Nuggets for several of their key players for Blake Griffin and another teammate.

“The Clippers will tell you that everyone is calling them and, ‘hey, is Blake available?’ I’ve been told that the Clippers actually called Denver and offered Blake Griffin and Lance Stephenson for Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried, Will Barton and Nikola Jokic.”

While the trade may be appealing on some levels, the Denver Nuggets purported turned it down because Blake Griffin will be a free agent after next season, Chris Broussard said. “Plus, they like some of those young kids,” the NBA insider said of the rumors.

The trade rumors were also shot down by veteran NBA coach Doc Rivers, who coaches Blake Griffin and his Los Angeles Clippers’ teammates. Broussard said Doc Rivers adamantly denied the trade rumors.

“He denied it. Said, ‘Look, Blake Griffin is going to be with us. All these rumors out here, don’t believe them.’ He’s going to be with the Clippers past Thursday.”

NBA Trade Rumors Blake Griffin
The trade rumors started up for Blake Griffin after the NBA all-star punched the team’s assistant equipment manager multiple times January 23, Deadspin reported. The incident started as some teasing from the equipment manager over dinner in Toronto turned into a heated discussion, leading up to Griffin repeatedly punching the Los Angeles Clippers’ employee several times outside the restaurant.

The incident drew the ire of team owner and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. After news of Blake Griffin breaking his right hand spread, the trade rumors surround the NBA player intensified when Ballmer spoke with reporters about punishing Griffin.

“There needs to be consequences. It’s the right thing to do… You know, everyone’s going to heal, and we’re going to have an opportunity to move forward. We’re going to finish our investigation, decide what needs to happen and move forward. Blake’s a key part of our team. There’s no question about that. He certainly has been remorseful, which is great, and we’ll find a way to move past it. That’s part of life. An important part of life is learning how to have consequences.”

NBA Trade Rumors Blake Griffin
The case to trade Blake Griffin is being made on the court, too. The Los Angeles Clippers are 18-5 since their star forward went down to two different injuries, using smaller lineups that spread the floor in his absence, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday. During their run, the NBA team has improved its defensive efficiency, leading Doc Rivers to feel pretty good about where his team stands heading into the final portion of the season.

“Love it. Couldn’t be in a better place, especially when you factor in the injuries, especially to a top-10 player and what we’ve gone through, I’ll take that all year, every day, so it’s nice.”

In addition to Blake Griffin, Broussard added that Carmelo Anthony — who was reportedly tied to a three-way trade with the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers — will not be leaving the New York Knicks anytime soon. Anthony has a no-trade clause, and rumors the NBA veteran would pursue finding a new home appear false.

Other trade rumors swirling around before the NBA deadline have focused on Eastern Conference teams looking to make moves. The Atlanta Hawks lead that pack, reportedly offering Al Horford and Kyle Korver in potential moves, the Inquisitr reported.

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