Manny Pacquiao Sparks Outrage By Saying ‘Gay Couples Are Worse Than Animals’

Perez Hilton, a famous celebrity blogger, wrote an impassioned post on his blog criticizing Pacquiao for his “barbaric” views on same-sex marriages.

“Look, if your religious beliefs prevent you from accepting same-sex marriage, that’s on you. That’s YOUR idea of propriety.

“But there’s absolutely no call to demonize and denigrate gay people by comparing them to animals just because their love is something YOU’RE unable to accept.”

As to Manny Pacquiao’s belief that animals have never engaged in homosexual relations, the eight-time world champion couldn’t be more wrong. According to a piece by Yale Scientific, recent research shows proof that homosexual behavior among animals is more common than previously believed. In addition, the research suggests that homosexual behavior among animals may even have its evolutionary advantages.

This is not the first time Manny Pacquiao has drawn flak for his views on same-sex marriage. Back in 2012, the National Conservative Examiner published an interview in which Pacquiao says same-sex marriages are against the will of God. The interview piece referenced a passage from Leviticus, which states that gay people must be “put to death.” Pacquiao clarified that he didn’t make such a statement, adding that he hasn’t even read a single passage of Leviticus. He then accused the media for twisting his words about his stance on same-sex marriage.

“I’m not against gay people… I have a relative who is also gay. We can’t help it if they were born that way.”

Manny did point out at the end that he’s still AGAINST gay marriage.

“What I’m critical off [sic] are actions that violate the word of God. I only gave out my opinion that same sex marriage is against the law of God.”

While the backlash against Manny Pacquiao was undeserved at the time, his recent comments against gay relationships are another matter. For one, the video shows real proof that the words came directly from his mouth.

Danton Remoto, chairman of Ladlad Party List (a political party representing the LGBT community in the Philippines), called on Filipinos to not vote for Manny Pacquiao in the May senatorial elections.

“His anti-LGBT statement betray a shallow understanding of the issues that are important to us. Ladlad supports the rights of people to have consensual, same-sex relationships that lead to domestic partnerships or even to same-sex marriage. This is found in the equal-rights provisions of the Constitution, that mandates a level playing field for everybody, whether in the realm of economics or of love.”

“Stop the stupidity (translated from Filipino),” he added.

Filipino transgender model and advocate Geena Rocero took to Facebook to criticize Pacquiao for his discriminatory statement against homosexuals.

“Statements and beliefs like this is what causes further discrimination, stigma, violence, isolation of LGBTQ people in the Philippines. Sexual fluidity is well documented in the animal world. Please don’t impose your religious beliefs in your job as a government official.”

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]