Stassi Schroeder And Scheana Marie On Their Friendship: ‘Hell Freezes Over’ And ‘Pigs Fly’

Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Marie are friends again. On Monday night, as the latest Vanderpump Rules episode aired, both Stassi and Scheana revealed that they’re no longer enemies.

Stassi posted a photo that shows her and Scheana taking a selfie. Stassi acknowledged how shocking the show’s viewers will likely find her friendship with Scheana by tweeting that “Hell freezes over” sometimes.

Scheana responded to Stassi’s tweet by re-tweeting it and stating that it also happens sometimes that pigs fly.

Scheana also posted her own photo flaunting the friendship. Scheana’s photo shows her cuddling up to Stassi.

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Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Marie haven’t always been so friendly with one another. On Season 1 of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi didn’t exactly welcome Scheana into the group with open arms when Scheana was the new girl at SUR. Stassi frequently made fun of Scheana to Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney. Surprisingly, Stassi and Scheana later became friends.

Yet the friendship was short-lived. Between filming Season 1 and Season 2, Stassi’s friendship with Scheana fell apart after Scheana had a big accident and had to have major oral surgery to fix her teeth. Scheana felt as if Stassi, who was actually with her when the accident happened, didn’t show much concern for her. Stassi in turn felt as if Scheana was making the entire thing a bigger deal than it was.

On Season 3, Stassi felt betrayed by Katie after she became friends with Scheana. After Katie made the decision to go to Scheana’s bachelorette party and wedding, Stassi broke off the friendship. On the Season 3 reunion show, Stassi claimed that Scheana watched a sex tape that one of her ex-boyfriends tried to sell. Stassi claimed that Scheana not only watched the tape but spread it around. Scheana admitted watching it but denied maliciously spreading it around.

Scheana has bashed Stassi on the current season. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an unaired clip from the group’s Hawaii vacation shows Scheana accusing Stassi of trying to wriggle her way back into the group now that her “perfect life” and “perfect boyfriend” are crumbling. Scheana voices her opinion that Stassi’s renewed friendship with Kristen is simply superficial and serves Stassi’s own purpose. Scheana also declares that neither she nor Katie will ever be friends with Stassi again.

Yet on the latest episode, Scheana and Stassi made peace. During a house party, they calmly discussed their issues with one another. Scheana again admitted that she watched Stassi’s sex tape and apologized for doing so but insisted she was against the ex-boyfriend trying to sell it and actually tried to stop it. Stassi accepted Scheana’s apology and apologized for her own role in their friendship drama.

Now that Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Marie are friends again, where does that leave Katie Maloney? Last week’s episode showed Katie’s fiance, Tom Schwartz, ripping into Stassi for how she treated Katie. Tom even told Stassi that she was a “b***h” and that Katie is now “indifferent” to her, which caused Stassi to cry. Feeling bad, Tom invited Stassi to his and Katie’s upcoming engagement party.

On Sunday night’s episode, Tom fessed up to Katie that he invited Stassi to their engagement party. In tears, an angry Katie told Tom that she finally moved on from the friendship but now she’ll have to face Stassi again. After learning that Scheana and Stassi made up, Katie was still apprehensive about whether Stassi has really changed.

Viewers will apparently see Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder make up as well in a future episode of Vanderpump Rules. Katie tweeted that she forgave Stassi for her own self-preservation.

Katie also tweeted that she always believes in forgiveness.

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