10 Ways To ‘Treat Yo Self’ On Singles Awareness Day

Feb. 15 is humorously known as Singles Awareness Day, a day that provides singles with an alternative to Valentine’s Day festivities. Singles Awareness Day, often referred to as S.A.D., is known to some as the anti-Valentine’s Day, celebrated on Feb. 14, but others recognize the official holiday in all of its glory on Feb. 15.

The acronym S.A.D. itself is pretty pitiful, but that doesn’t mean that those who are single are depressed on Valentine’s Day. Actually, when it comes down to it, being single has its advantages, from saving money to having more free time, it’s like being on vacation every day of the year.

So, in the words of Tom Haveford and Donna Meagle, take this year’s Singles Awareness Day to “Treat Yo Self.”

  1. Get a massage.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massages are proven to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, manage lower back pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve cardiovascular health. Plus, without a partner, it might cost a little less.

  1. Go all out.

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night out on the town. Invite someone who is close to you, like a best friend, family member, or old college roommate and go out to a nice, upscale restaurant.

And, considering it’s the day after Valentine’s Day, getting a table shouldn’t be a problem.

  1. Buy flowers, because you can.

According to a survey conducted by eBates, four percent of people plan to send themselves flowers this year, which is actually awesome despite what couples may say. In a study done by researchers at Rutgers, it was proven that flowers have a positive effect on people’s moods. Flowers not only have an immediate impact on happiness, but flowers also have a long-term positive effect on your mood.

  1. Splurge on a want instead of a need.

You know that fur coat you’ve been drooling over? Well, get it. Budgeting means balance, so sometimes getting the things you want rather than need is okay.

But, if you need another reason, Los Angeles-based psychotherapist Nancy Irwin says that shopping releases the same amount of endorphins – the feel-good chemicals – in your brain as working out.

  1. Travel to somewhere amazing.

If you’re single, then now is the opportune time to travel and see more of the world. Not only will you be able to go where you want and spend your vacation doing exactly whatever it is that you want to do, but traveling solo will cost significantly less than traveling with a partner.

  1. Eat an entire pizza.

This may seem like a silly idea, but even Bill Murray can vouch for this somewhat small delight.

  1. Sign up for online dating.

Online dating does not mean you’ve hit rock bottom. Take this Singles Awareness Day to start anew! You’re not the only one who’s online, plenty of people use Valentine’s Day as the New Year of their dating life.

  1. Get an upgrade.

Singles Awareness Day is all about you, so take the time today to upgrade that lousy phone or slightly outdated computer.

  1. Buy chocolate, and a lot of it.

As you know Valentine’s Day was yesterday, this means that Walgreens, CVS, and every other pharmacy that sells Valentine’s candy is having a major sale right this second. You could buy enough chocolate to last all the way until Halloween if you wanted, although I wouldn’t recommend it.

  1. The sky is the limit.

Instead of thinking of yourself as someone who is alone, start thinking of yourself as someone who is empowered. You no longer have to answer to anyone, except maybe your mother, and even that is debatable at this point.

So go ahead, and treat yo self on this lovely holiday we call Singles Awareness Day.

[Photo by Shutterstock]