‘RHOP’ Katie Rost Talks Relationship With Andrew Martin And Telling Robyn Dixon About Ashley Darby’s Googling

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac showed Katie Rost making some bold moves. In terms of her relationship with her boyfriend Andrew Martin, she made clear that she wasn’t going anywhere when she, without telling him, renovated his home to make more room for her and her children. She also made a bold move when it came to her friendship with Ashley Darby. Instead of keeping quiet about Ashley digging up information on Robyn Dixon’s financial situation, Katie chose to tell Robyn. In her blog post recapping the episode, posted on Sunday, Katie talked about whether she regretted either decision.

When it came to renovating Andrew’s townhouse, which included converting Andrew’s gym that he had in a guest bedroom into a “MRS.” dressing room for herself, Katie said that she doesn’t regret it. She wrote that if he wants to be in a relationship with her, he needs to make room for her and her family. She added that while she only changed a room so far, she “expect[s] the whole house.”

“His house reflects 44 years of single life and should stay exactly as is if he wants to be single. If he wants to be in relationship with me, everything needs to embrace me and what my life is like. I’m not going to pretend I don’t have three kids, a dog and a nanny. No man can join just half of who I am. I wasn’t raised to be satisfied with scraps. I changed a room but I expect the whole house.”

Since the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, viewers have watched Katie Rost talk about how much she wants her boyfriend, Andrew Martin, to marry her and become a stepfather to her three children. She has repeatedly told Andrew that she wants to get married and won’t settle for being his girlfriend. Andrew, while seemingly in love with Katie and her kids, has so far remained hesitant to make the commitment.

On Sunday night’s episode, Katie told co-star Ashley Darby that she’s feeling the burn and wants Andrew, who has never been married despite being in his mid-forties, to marry her immediately. Later on in the episode, Katie had some contractors show up and start changing Andrew’s townhouse as a surprise. Katie explained that she has asked Andrew to make the changes for many months now but he hasn’t done anything so she’s taking matters into her own hands. Katie also laughed about how she, her three kids and her kids’ nanny basically moved into Andrew’s home without a formal invitation.

Surprisingly, Andrew kept calm when he discovered the renovation after returning from a golfing trip. “I wouldn’t say that I like it, but I will say that I accept it,” he said, somewhat in shock. Katie giggled and said that she was going to get him drunk that night.

Is Katie still with Andrew? She hasn’t post any romantic photos from Valentine’s Day. The last photo of them together on her Instagram page was posted 10 weeks ago.

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Later on in her latest blog post, Katie hinted that she is still with Andrew when she, in regards to her co-stars’ negative reactions to her PDA with Andrew at Ashley Darby’s birthday party, wrote that “the friends Andrew and [she] usually hang out with aren’t as uptight.”

Speaking of Ashley, Katie in her blog criticized what Ashley did to Robyn Dixon.

“I thought googling a new potential friend and then gossiping about her financial problems as Ashley did with Robyn was a sign that she wasn’t really interested in friendship but in social climbing… which is fine, just good to know and filed accordingly…Friends don’t dig for dirt…I find people often highlighting other’s garbage because they have a filthy, funky pile of their own.”

Ashley in turn wrote in her blog post that she regrets what she did and out of the ordeal “learned that Katie is not quite the friend [she] thought she was.”

In the episode, Ashley told Katie that she Googled Robyn and found out that she’s declaring bankruptcy with her ex-husband, Juan Dixon. Ashley added that the Dixons only have $25 in their bank account right now. Katie later told some of the women, including Gizelle Bryant, what Ashley did. Gizelle in turn told Robyn, who later confronted Ashley about Googling her. Ashley explained that she looked up information because she wanted to figure out why she was so private. Robyn admitted that she has gone through “some s**t” in her life and is a private person because of it. Ashley apologized and Robyn accepted it.

As the Real Housewives of Potomac episode aired, Ashley again expressed her regret over what she did. Robyn told Ashley that “it’s all good” and that nobody’s perfect.

Robyn poked fun at her alleged desperate financial situation and said that no amount of material loss can defeat her.

Robyn Dixon also thanked Katie Rost for telling what Ashley Darby did.

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