‘Baseball Babe’ Bank Robber Sought By FBI

A bank robber nicknamed the ‘Baseball Babe’ is being hunted by the FBI after holding up three Arizona banks this year while sporting a baseball cap and sunglasses, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman is described as having the face of a 20-something, but the voice of someone in her 40s. Witnesses have said the petite robber stands at around 5′ 2″ and 120 pounds. In each of her robberies, she has handed threatening notes to bank tellers, before fleeing with her loot on a BMX bicycle.

Authorities are baffled by her identity – beyond her choice of caps (she seems to favor Arizona State University and the New York Yankees), there are few clues about who she might be.

She is also a suspect in a fourth robbery on July 11, in which the robber was caught on CCTV wearing a brightly coloured Muslim hijab and a veil.

The Baseball Babe’s bank-robbing spree began on March 27, when she held up a Compass Bank branch in Mesa, Arizona. As well as sunglasses and her customary hat (ASU on this occasion), she wore latex gloves. On that occasion, she escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash.

For her next robbery on April 27, she appeared at a different Compass Bank branch in Mesa. She handed over a note stating she had a gun, but the teller included a dye packet in the loot bag which exploded as the woman was leaving the bank. Police say she took the money out of the bag then fled on foot (while wearing a Yankees cap this time).

Almost exactly a month later, on June 28, she turned up at a Bank of Arizona branch in Mesa. Again she wore glasses and latex gloves, but she’d returned to her ASU hat again. On this occasion, the note she handed to the teller warned, ‘no dye packs or I’ll start shooting.’

When the robber left the bank, she took off the clothes she had worn inside and threw them away. She then fled the scene on a BMX bicycle.

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