Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles Pulled Apart By Sony Label Politics Or Louis’ Love Life?

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne of One Direction may not have attended the Grammys, but some of them showed up at the pre-Grammy galas. Louis attended the Primary Wave pre-Grammy event with his girlfriend Danielle Campbell. Harry Styles was photographed at music mogul Clive Davis’s bash.

Many people were interested in the fact that Louis attended the lower-key event with Danielle, while Harry went to Davis’s star-studded gala, which was attended by Alice Cooper, Sylvester Stallone, Jamie Foxx, Gwen Stefani, Katie Couric, and Louis and Harry’s ex-1D bandmate Zayn Malik, as reported by Hits Daily Double.

In 2015 Billboard reported that Clive Davis’s pre-Grammys gala is “legendary.”

Some fans were unkind, perhaps because they were eager to see Louis at the Davis bash with his One Direction brothers, or maybe because they are eager to see Louis keep his profile up as much as Harry and Zayn during the hiatus. Louis is not expected to launch solo material but will be developing his label and his own artist development arm of Syco.

Another theory – that Louis and Danielle kept things low-key to spare the feelings of Louis’ homebound ex Briana Jungwirth – was touched on today by Unreality TV. The site reports that Tomlinson did indeed receive an invite to the Davis bash but turned it down.

It’s also possible that some of Danielle Campbell’s film acquaintances were at the Primary Wave event. The Grammys give awards for musical and film scores as well as mainstream chart albums, and even have nods for things like “Best Soundtrack for Visual Media,” according to the LA Times.

Harry’s pal Clive Davis took to Twitter to say he was happy with the coverage of his star-studded bash. Is the sometimes-flamboyant music boss eager to extend his impressive reach even further?

Davis has made waves throughout his career — the self-declared bisexual claimed to have received an offer of a “sexual service” when he signed Janice Joplin, who was eager to seal the deal with an X-rated act, according to the Daily Mail. The music boss claims that he tried to get Whitney Houston – who has been described as Davis’s “musical masterwork” and his greatest success story – off drugs and into rehab prior to her tragic death. The Sony boss also dished to the press about Michael Jackson’s supposed jealous streak — Clive claims that Jackson plotted to destroy the career of his brother Jermaine Jackson in the 1980s.

Syco, of course, is a joint venture between Sony and Simon Cowell. It was the Syco label that One Direction were signed to as a group after they were discovered by Cowell, and it is the Syco part of Sony that Louis Tomlinson will be working with if he goes ahead with his label, as reported by Popcrush.

When Louis’ pal Simon was honored by Sony execs last year – the night when Simon made his infamous crack about Zayn – many people from Sony International, including CEOs Doug Morris and Edgar Berger, spoke about what a great A&R (artists and repertoire) guy Simon is.

“[Simon is] a fantastic exec at A&R and one that we all really cherish within the company.”

Popcrush reports that Louis Tomlinson has similar ambitions.

“Louis has his business head screwed on and is busy making plans for the future. He’s rated very highly at Sony and they knew he’d be great to get on board. Louis accepted their offer straight away. He has visions of being a music boss in the future and has a good eye for new talent.”

Mirror reports that Simon thinks Louis will be great at A&R. Simon has said, “[Louis] was always going to be good at that.”

“I know Louis wants to be an A&R guy, run a label; he was always going to be good at that. I haven’t gone into too much detail with the others [the other One Direction guys].”

So why wouldn’t Louis go and hang out with the Clive Davis/Sony Music crowd? Perhaps it’s because Clive Davis’s bash is well across the pond from where Louis, Syco, and Simon will be doing their London-based work. Or perhaps it’s because sassy Louis has already made himself some industry enemies! Remember when Dan Wootton reported that Louis has “managed to annoy a lot of people”?

Apparently it was a Sony music insider who said Louis has annoyed people, and even called Louis “a little s***.” Interestingly, this is one of Louis’ favorite terms.

Perhaps the famously-sassy One Direction star has mouthed off at one too many execs, and this was behind the sexy star’s decision to avoid Clive Davis’s crew and have a low-key night with girlfriend Danielle Campbell. If it kept Briana happy as well, that would have been two birds with one stone.

(AP Photo/Charles Sykes)