‘Gotham’ Season 2: Bruce Wayne’s Boundaries Pushed, Azrael Information Revealed

Gotham, like many of the comic book TV show properties, has been on a long sabbatical. Gotham fans are doubtlessly hungry for more of season 2, and before February is over, that request shall be acquiesced. Bruce Wayne, so far, has been on quite the roller coaster ride with Theo Galavan and the scourge of villains that have infested Gotham City this season. According to Comic Book, executive producer John Stephens says that young Bruce Wayne’s journey is very much a “coming of age” story, and is bound to have a few bumps on the way, says executive producer John Stephens.

“I think with all of these things, it’s a coming of age story. None of these things are going to be smooth or direct trajectories. It’s going to be a step forward, a step back, peaks and valleys.”

Gotham fans are always waiting to see those moments where they can see young Bruce Wayne taking steps towards being the Dark Knight, and Gotham season 2 has certainly started to roll out some of those cues. Stephens implied that the best is yet to come in season 2.

Michael Keaton as Batman
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“I think you’ll see Bruce make big steps towards becoming that person who’s going to be Batman this season, and then have failures and setbacks that sort of reorganize his life and readjust his priorities.”

Bruce Wayne has already been kicked over and knocked down, from his parent’s death to being betrayed Galavan and his niece — you could say that young Batman is certainly learning some adult-size life lessons. In Bruce’s interaction with Silver, he learned a few trick that would certainly seem like it was the beginning of his ascent to being the caped crusade, and apparently there is more moments like that coming.

“I think we can keep pushing the boundary back, then having him knocked down and learning lessons,” Stephens said. “I think if you look at Bruce Wayne now in season 2, and look at the way David [Mazouz] plays him, you can look at him and see how this person could become Batman. You see that strength, and the desire to take chances and change.”

On his journey to becoming Batman, Bruce Wayne must wade through corrupt Gotham and all the other potential villains to come, as Mr. Freeze and Azrael have yet to show up, but they are scheduled to. According to Tech Times, Azrael is coming, but executive producer John Stephens says he will not enter Gotham season 2 in any way like fans have seen him before in the DC Comics he has appeared in.

“The way we’re going to bring that character into being on our show will be different than anything we’ve seen in the comics. It will be identifiable as Azrael in all respects, just a version of him we’ve not seen before.”

Penguin and Jim Gordon in Gotham
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One theory has suggested that Azrael will be part of a group of Azrael-like soldiers terrorizing the city, as the Order of St. Dumas suffered a major defeat as Theo Galavan’s organization was busted up by Jim Gordon and the Penguin.

Gotham season 2 returns February 29, but fans have yet to be given a clear date on when Azrael or Azraels will come to Gotham. Bruce Wayne better hurry his path towards becoming Batman because the “Revenge of the villains” is on its way, and it is likely that Gotham is going to get much worse before it hopes to get better, but obviously it can’t wait for young Bruce Wayne to grow up. The future home of Batman will have to make do with Jim Gordon and company, and they better be prepared.

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