‘Scream Queens’ Season 2 Spoilers: Exciting New Developments

Scream Queens Season 2 will be coming back with some exciting new developments next season and there are a few that fans will just love. On top of the Season 2 renewal, there is also a confirmed detail that the show is heading to a hospital with some ’80s style horror and comedy coming your way. For those who thought it would be a summer camp – sorry, but no.

When Scream Queens first premiered on Fox last fall, it was an instant hit with fans of the genre and mostly among younger fans that fit a niche demographic for the network. Season 1 of Scream Queens delivered on many fronts, although it had a limited run and the network only gave it a half season order, which would be about the norm if it were on cable.

Broadcast networks typically put their shows on a 22-episode cycle each season and there has not been any news yet if Season 2 of Scream Queens has been given a full season or if would be limited to the half season order for every subsequent year on the network.

Scream Queens is the brainchild of Ryan Murphy, who also created American Horror Story on their sister network, FX. It was no surprise that Murphy has been able to take the content of a horror oriented TV show and turn it into a modest ratings hit, with a strong cult following for his work.

E! News has officially confirmed that starlet Emma Roberts will be reprising her role as Chanel Oberlin in Season 2 of Scream Queens, but there has been no word yet how she will be portrayed in the series considering she was in jail for murder.

Although Murphy is a big fan of the anthology style of programming, Scream Queens will not be adapting that style of series and stars of the show will be returning as the original characters they played in the first season, which also seems to indicate they will do the same thing for all seasons to come.

Roberts spoke to E! News at an event during New York’s Fashion Week last Friday and she talked about Season 2.

“Yeah, Chanel is back!” Roberts told E! News. “I’m so excited for season two of Scream Queens because I can only imagine what the writers have in store for Chanel.”

There are many ways that Season 2 of Scream Queens can adapt this style of horror and comedy. For starters, it has already been confirmed that at least four cast members from Season 1 will be showing up for Season 2. With that in mind, they will also be in their late 20s or early 30s at this point and they will be presumably working at the hospital, but that could change into a different scenario once Murphy nails down his plot.

Fans can expect to see four new additions to Season 2 of Scream Queens. That will come in the form of four new men that have reportedly been cast as doctors.

“I mean I hope there’s four hot doctors because I feel like if there is anything season two needs it’s four hot doctors,” Roberts said.

There is good reason to believe that Roberts is indeed right about Season 2 of Scream Queens. If there is anything that Murphy does well, that’s finding today’s most in-demand talent for roles in his TV shows. Just consider who he brought in for Season 5 of American Horror Story: Hotel – Lady Gaga.

He definitely likes to keep his shows as modern as possible in terms of beautiful actors. But he also likes to escape back to 80s style themes with his content, even if it does take place in modern society.

There has also been talk that the original Scream Queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis, would also be back for Season 2 of the show, although it has not been confirmed at this point.

[Image via Fox]