Carrie Underwood & Luke Bryan Prepare For A Zombie Apocolypse

Although they may be two of the biggest stars in country music, Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan aren’t prepping for a new duet, instead, they’re grabbing their guns — for a zombie apocalypse.

The country stars’ obscure preparation admissions came after Underwood revealed during an appearance on AMC’s The Talking Dead that if she were to be caught in a zombie apocalypse with any of her fellow country musicians, it would be Luke Bryan.

Clearly flattered by Carrie’s bizarre confession, Bryan took to Twitter on February 15 to prove that he’s more than prepared should the dead try to take over.

Luke posted a shot of his many guns at his Nashville, Tennessee, home on the social media site, writing, “Getting ready for zombie apocalypse. I got you @carrieunderwood.”

But while Bryan was certainly packing heat in his Twitter picture, it turns out he actually has even more ammo at his disposal.

“Oh. And these too,” Luke Bryan wrote alongside another shot of 10 more of his guns, adding, “For all you haters think I ain’t ready. Found more.”

Carrie Underwood was clearly pretty excited by Bryan’s zombie preparedness, tweeting in reply to his gun photo, “Ha! Between you & my husband & the emergency food rations I have in the basement, those zombies wouldn’t stand a chance!”

But it’s not just guns Underwood is ready to grab should a zombie apocalypse hits.

Carrie also made the surprising admission during her appearance on The Walking Dead after-show that she actually has a machete and a zombie survival kit just waiting in her Nashville home should the dead rise.

“I know what you’re thinking, but I was born to survive the zombie apocalypse,” Carrie Underwood revealed during her appearance on the AMC series on February 14. “My husband bought me this zombie survival kit for Christmas. I have a machete, I know how to use it.”

Underwood then turned to her sassy hit, including “Before He Cheats,” “Two Black Cadillacs,” and “Blown Away” to prove her preparedness.

“My songs are quite aggressive at times. I’m not afraid,” Carrie continued according to UPI. “I would know what to do. I was born for this.”

But while Carrie thinks she’s ready to fend off the dead, it turns out the public aren’t quite so convinced.

The Talking Dead conducted a survey during the Valentine’s Day return of the popular series, where they asked fans to vote in a poll as to whether they think Underwood would, in fact, survive should the apocalypse come.

Sixty-four percent of the poll’s respondents revealed that they didn’t think Carrie would make it through, which clearly didn’t sit too well with Underwood.

“I would! I would! You’re wrong! Wrong!” Carrie said.

But while Carrie Underwood’s fans aren’t too convinced she’s ready to take on a zombie apocalypse, that didn’t stop the “Something In The Water” singer from enjoying her time on AMC’s Walking Dead analysis show.

“I can’t believe this is happening!,” Carrie Underwood wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of herself posing with her AMC channel dressing room, alongside the hashtags #dreamsdocometrue and #thewalkingdead.

Carrie also posted yet another shot of herself hanging out on the set on the photo sharing site, calling her visit to the show “the best valentine’s day ever.”

“Best. Valentine’s Day. Ever! @amctalkingdead @gnicotero @hardwick #thewalkingdead,” Carrie Underwood wrote on the social media site on the most romantic day of the year, joking, “I love the look of joy on my face as I hack off an arm!”

Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan will both be appearing, and performing, at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards airing tonight at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Do you think Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan could survive a zombie apocalypse?

[Photos by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]