Yolanda Foster In ‘RHOBH’ Scandal: ‘When Women Support Each Other…’

Yolanda Foster has been battling Lyme disease for years now, and for a while, it seemed like her co-stars were behind her 100 percent. But this year, it seems like Yolanda is struggling to make peace with her co-stars. Ever since Lisa Rinna brought up the Munchausen accusation, Foster’s co-stars have questioned everything from her health to her children’s illnesses. Yolanda herself revealed that Anwar and Bella had also been diagnosed with Lyme, but all she wanted from her co-stars was support.

According to a new Instagram post, Yolanda Foster is now revealing that great things happen when women support one another. And in this post, she’s making a huge reference to her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars.

“When women support each other, incredible things happen….. #Women #Togetherness #NYFW @DVF,” Yolanda shared next to an Instagram post of her daughter Gigi Hadid.

In addition, she replied to a tweet, sharing, “Congrats, it’s wonderful to see our children be successful in what they choose to do. Proud mommy’s everywhere.”

Of course, Yolanda Foster is very proud of her children’s successes in the modeling world. She is often tweeting about their modeling campaigns and runway shows. And they are leaving quite the impression on the modeling world. Yolanda merely wants her co-stars to support her and be there for her. As she writes in her Instagram post, incredible things happen when women stand together.

“Discussing my children’s and my health issues with the intent to provoke doubt or gossip is not OK. I shared my concerns about my children’s health with Kyle on two separate occasions with plenty of opportunity for her to ask questions. She chose to bring it up once again at her barbecue just to stir the pot without any consciousness or consideration about the fact that it was my children she was talking about. Obviously she had discussed this matter with LVP in detail before. I wish they wouldn’t take our feelings for granted and consider how much courage it took to show them,” Yolanda Foster revealed, according to her Bravo blog.

While some of the ladies questioned Yolanda’s story about her children, she wanted to prove her co-stars wrong. Lisa Vanderpump revealed that she had asked Yolanda’s ex-husband and the children’s father if they were doing alright. And he had apparently told Lisa that they were perfectly fine and healthy. So it is no wonder that Lisa would assume that they weren’t sick. But Foster wanted to stop the conversation, as she doesn’t want people talking about her children.

“I went to ‘great lengths’ to show Lisa and Kyle my kids’ medical records just to finally shut down the conversation. Our journey is backed up with black and white proof, so if you have time to gossip about such a sensitive subject, why can’t you make time to review the facts of it? I am an adult and have learned to accept people’s ignorance on the matter of Lyme and invisible chronic disease in general. Both my children deserve a sincere apology from those adults who cast doubt on their journey and put this bad seed out in the universe. It is simply unconscionable that my ‘friends’ would doubt and discredit my word relating to such a delicate and sensitive matter,” Yolanda Foster writes in her blog.

So what does Foster want? It sounds like she wants her co-stars to support her and be there for her — not question things behind her back.

What do you think of Yolanda Foster’s post? Do you think she wants the ladies to stand together, or do you think she could be done with the show after this betrayal?

[Image via Instagram]