‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers — Episode 7: Who Goes Home Tonight? The Early Favorite, That’s Who

Before the 2016 season of The Bachelor began, some thought it was almost in doubt due to Ben Higgins and his rumored feelings for someone. It was believed that he had found himself a girlfriend and didn’t want to do the show, but he was contractually obligated to be on it. Well, there were also rumors he was dating Becca Tilley and some others, but he’s on the show, and tonight is Episode 7, so who gets eliminated tonight? An early season favorite does.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the new season of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

For tonight’s episode, there are going to be two eliminations, but only one will be happening at the rose ceremony at the end of the show. Reality Steve points out that the entire group is back in the United States after time spent in the Bahamas, and it’s time for them all to head to Indiana and see where Ben is from.

Things began back in late October with the remaining ladies filming their “Welcome to Warsaw” package in Indiana.

Ben will begin things with a one-on-one date with Lauren Bushnell, when they head to where he used to work some time ago. They hang out with some of Ben’s friends, and even go to a bar called Rex’s Rendezvous later in the night.

Things go well, and she isn’t going anywhere. A lot of people ended up catching shots of them around town and at the bar.

There’s another one-on-one date for Ben Higgins, and it is with JoJo Fletcher, and she seems to get a bit more of the special treatment. The duo head for Wrigley Field, don some Chicago Cubs gear, and even get to play baseball on the diamond.

the bachelor 2016 spoilers ben higgins jojofletcher chicago cubs

With the group date, Ben Higgins takes out Amanda Stanton, Caila Quinn, and Becca Tilley. Believe it or not, nothing that happens on the group date has leaked out whatsoever for a while, but it is known that they went to a carnival.

Amanda ends up getting the group date rose and she makes it into the final four in Episode 8. She does make it through the date and then goes to McDonald’s with Ben, but not for a meal. They end up having a little bit longer date and film a commercial.

Now, there isn’t a lot known about the eliminations this week or how things go down, but it is known who does go home.

The day of the rose ceremony arrives and as reported by Heavy, Ben takes out Emily Ferguson for a one-on-one date, and it’s a big one. He takes her to his home and introduces her to his parents, which is a big shock for her, but there’s more to come.

The remaining twin is in for a bigger shock when Ben Higgins ends up sending her home after meeting his parents. Yes, it’s kind of surprising, but maybe it was to soften the blow of eliminating her from The Bachelor.

Still, the rose ceremony elimination for tonight’s episode is to come and Ben will end up sending home one more of the ladies to get it down to the final four.

the bachelor 2016 episode 7 spoilers ben higgins becca tilley

Yes, Becca Tilley, who seems to have been around forever, is on her way home as Ben Higgins eliminates her in tonight’s episode. She will join Emily Ferguson as the two women who won’t be continuing their fight to his heart.

That brings the 2016 season of The Bachelor down to Ben Higgins and just four women left who want to win his love and affection. You can check out the spoilers for next week’s Episode 8, or even the remaining order of rose ceremony eliminations if you really don’t have the patience to wait.

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