Nick Saban’s Daughter Disputes Brawl Allegations

Nick Saban’s daughter is fighting a lawsuit from a former sorority sister, who filed the claim against her after the two were involved in a confrontation in August 2010, saying Kristen Saban caused her serious injuries requiring surgery and psychological help.

The Boston Herald reports that Kristen filed her response on Tuesday to the lawsuit submitted by Sarah Grimes, both of whom are former Phi Mu sorority members, and engaged in an altercation almost two years ago. After the incident, Saban stated that, while she sat on top of Saban, Grimes said she would need to go to the hospital to “document this” for her car wreck case.

The daughter of University of Alabama coach Nick Saban, stated that Grimes told her she needed to “go get checked out to make sure this hasn’t made my head injury worse,” according to Saban’s lawyers.

WebPro News notes that the altercation began over a scathing Facebook comment, but that Saban only reacted physically, because Grimes attacked her first. They also note that:

“Furthermore, the lawyer has suggested that the injuries Sarah received as a result of the altercation are eerily similar to those she sustained after a car accident around the same time. Very interesting, that.”

There is a little bit of conflicting information regarding Grimes’ car accident, however, as Oregon Live reports that the accident occurred in 2005 in Florida, where Grimes claimed she suffered a concussion and migraine headaches from the crash, according to Saban’s lawyers. They write that the injuries the former sorority sister claimed to have suffered from the car wreck were, “essentially the same injuries for which she now complains against the defendant.”

While Grimes noted in her lawsuit that Coach Saban’s daughter repeatedly punched her in the head, grabbed her neck and pulled her hair, leaving her bloody, swollen, and bruised, Kristen Saban denies she did so. Grimes also contends that Saban gave her a concussion, caused her migraines to increase, caused her to need nasal surgery, and she was also forced to get psychological help. Kristen Saban denies she did anything that would cause that kind of injury.

Do you think University of Alabama coach Nick Saban’s daughter is guilty of beating up her former sorority sister this badly?

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