Report Claims Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Mama Is Bonding With One Direction Baby

Fans of Louis Tomlinson would be forgiven for shaking their heads in disbelief at some of the reporting on the One Direction star. It was reported by the Inquisitr earlier today that several outlets were running stories outlining what Louis’ bandmate Harry Styles didn’t do on Valentine’s Day. Just when you thought that Louis had escaped being spotlighted in ridiculous stories, you are proved wrong.

Last month, the Daily Mail reported that Louis went to a grocery store and even that Tomlinson drank coffee, so it seemed unlikely that Louis would avoid being reported for what he didn’t do.

According to the Sun, Louis did not meet up with Harry Styles and Zayn Malik at a pre-Grammy’s party last night, because he went to a different party. Of course, Harry and Zayn didn’t actually meet up at the party, but apparently they didn’t talk to each other at the bash.

“He might be in the same city as his former bandmates but it seemed pretty clear that Louis Tomlinson did not fancy a One Direction reunion. Because while Harry Styles and Zayn Malik found themselves in the same room for the first time since Zayn parted company with the group, Louis took himself off to another bash on the other side of town.

“Louis, 24, was spotted leaving the Primary Wave Pre-GRAMMY Party in West Hollywood last night with his gorgeous girlfriend Danielle Campbell on his arm.”

So let’s make it clear in case anyone is not following: Harry and Zayn were at the same party but didn’t speak, and while there was no sign of Liam Payne or Niall Horan, it was Louis who ducked out of a One Direction reunion.

In another stunning piece of Louis Tomlinson “non-news,” it seems that Louis’ baby mama is bonding with her son by posting an adorable picture on Instagram. The Mirror reports that Briana Jungwirth “briefly dated” Louis last year and that they welcomed little Freddie Tomlinson on January 21 this year. One does have to wonder why Briana posting a picture on Instagram has been turned into a story about Louis in the newspapers. One also has to wonder why the fact that Briana is bonding with Baby Tomlinson is big news. Without ignoring the range of post-natal medical issues that many women face, a new mother bonding with her child is hardly the stuff of news headlines.

The Daily Mail continues to refer to Briana as Louis “former flame” as they too report on the Instagram photograph. They report that Briana marked “the most romantic day of the year” by posting the black-and-white snap of a baby grabbing a thumb and captioning it “couldn’t have asked for a better valentine.”

The fact that the picture does not identify anyone seems to be overlooked by the media. The picture could be Briana and Freddie Tomlinson, but some One Direction fans believe the Instagram account it was posted on to be a fake one. Jungwirth totally withdrew from all forms of social media as soon as the news broke that she was expecting Louis baby, but suddenly, she is being papped on an almost daily basis and has made a return to social media.

Hello Magazine also get in on the Instagram love story but return to the ongoing speculation as to exactly how much Louis is contributing financially to Freddie’s upbringing. Hello claims a source told the Sun that Louis is taking fatherhood very seriously.

“Louis is doing everything he can to provide for mother and baby. He’s very wealthy but is still being hugely generous in the amount he is giving… He’s taking being a dad very seriously.”

The report claims that Louis is contributing £10,000 a month to Briana but then shows that perhaps math is not a strong point for the magazine by stating that the £4,200 that goes on rent for the for a four-bedroom house in Calabasas, Los Angeles, where Briana can live with Freddie, represents “over half of the £10,000 that Louis is paying.

One Direction fans are all too aware that Tomlinson and his bandmates begin their hiatus next month. Fans will be dreading the constant barrage of non-news about Louis and his pals. Most fans would be only too happy to see the press backing off Louis Tomlinson and the rest of the boys so that they can enjoy a well-earned rest free from media intrusion.

If you are Louis Tomlinson, that is probably way too much to hope for.

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]