Farrah Abraham Slammed Over Sassy Mini-Me Sophia, 6: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Defends Daughter’s Makeup & Bad Behavior

Farrah Abraham, one of the stars of Teen Mom OG, is proud of her mini-me daughter Sophia, 6. And although Farrah has received considerable backlash for how she’s raising Sophia in her own image, from makeup to her own social media accounts, Abraham was dressed in unusually subdued style at a fashion show with her daughter over the weekend, reported the Daily Mail.

The 24-year-old Teen Mom OG star looked pretty in pink as she and Sophia attracted attention in one of the coveted front-row seats at the Michelle Ann Kids Fall 2016 fashion show. The Saturday event was part of New York Fashion Week.

Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia Abraham pose at Michelle Ann Kids + Bound By the Crown Couture Children's Wear fashion show during Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week.

But that demure sight of the two was quite a contrast to the usual antics that both mom and daughter seem to stage. Recently, for example, Sophia showed what she’s learned from Mama Farrah as she copied Abraham by being disrespectful to Debra Danielsen, who is the Teen Mom star’s mother, reported Us Weekly.

The insight into how much Sophia uses Farrah as a role model came when Debra requested to talk with Simon Saran, the boyfriend of Abraham, in private. While the reality TV star didn’t object, Sophia dared to get sassy.

“I do not want Grandma to see Simon because I don’t like the way she acts!” slammed the child.

The ornery little eavesdropper didn’t hesitate to get in a position with her ear next to the door so she could overhear the discussion about the move Farrah plans to make to Los Angeles from Texas. Apparently, what she did succeed in learning displeased her enough to persuade her to make a move.

Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia Abraham enjoy a Mommy and Me day.

“Listen here, you grandma! Stop messing around with my mama’s boyfriend!” ordered the 6-year-old after taking the door and pushing it open.

Debra made it clear that she didn’t want to reprimand her granddaughter, although she did request her to close the door again.

“I’m not messing around with your mama’s boyfriend,” said the amazingly patient mom of Abraham. “Would you please shut the door so we can have some privacy?”

Teen Mom OG recently revealed that both Farrah and her mother encourage the 6-year-old to wear all the makeup she desires to elementary school, as the Inquisitr reported.

Everyone involved on Team Abraham was shocked that the principal had the audacity to scold Farrah’s daughter for flaunting her mascara.

“My baby decided she was gonna wear a little bit of makeup to school one day,” related Debra. “So then she came home and told me, ‘Grandma, there was a little situation at school on the makeup and people saying some things.'”

Debra informed the principal that rules that might apply to other children should be ignored when it comes to her granddaughter.

“Excuse me, we have a different situation in our lives, and this is the way we roll,” Debra announced.

Because of the way that Farrah has encouraged her daughter to put on makeup like a pro and allowed her bad behavior, Abraham has been slammed, reported the Hollywood Gossip.

In addition to that episode that attracted so much negative feedback for Farrah, Abraham tweeted Sophia’s cosmetic-covered face.

“Don’t hate on #Hair #Makeup @MTV So cute,” boasted Farrah.

The response was overwhelmingly negative.

“Let your daughter be a child. She shouldn’t wear make up period,” attacked one follower.

“Totally agree 100%, only wear it if she’s playing around at HOME!” chimed in another.

On her own Twitter account, Sophia showed her sophistication by sharing a photo shoot complete with a little promo.

As the Inquisitr reported, Farrah even encouraged Sophia to join her feud against Nicki Minaj.

“Hi everybody, Nicki Minaj is a total loser,” slammed the daughter of Farrah.

What do you think about how Farrah is raising her daughter? Is Abraham a good mom regardless of how much makeup she allows Sophia to wear and sassy behavior? Post your views below.

[Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images]