WWE News: Brie Bella Retiring From WWE Possibly After WrestleMania?

Brie Bella, much like her sister Nikki Bella, has dedicated her life to professional wrestling and the WWE for the better part of eight years. She used to be a diva, and only a model for the WWE. Along with Nikki, Brie improved her wrestling skill, separated herself from Nikki for a period of time, and even has a Divas title match on Sunday at WWE Fast Lane. She isn’t expected to dethrone Charlotte as the Divas champion, but recognition of her hard work during her WWE career is warranted.

Speculation began to run rampant after Daniel Bryan announced his retirement from the WWE last week. Brie stood next to him during that promo near the end and hugged him immediately. It was truly a sight to be seen. They are happily in love and want to start a family, as Bryan suggested during his retirement speech. That means Bryan can’t be the only one at home during that time. This is where the speculation began.

Stephanie slaps Brie

Without Bryan, Brie Bella doesn’t get nearly as popular with the non-Total Divas fans. That being said, she took advantage of her opportunities. The feud between Brie and Nikki did very well and had the fans invested. It’s a shame WWE officials cut it short without giving the fans any notice, but both sisters did a great job. Unfortunately, Brie may not have to impress the WWE Universe for much longer.

According to SEScoops.com and Dave Meltzer, Brie Bella may retire soon from the WWE.

“Brie Bella will be ending her WWE career soon, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. The news shouldn’t come as a major surprise in light of her husband Daniel Bryan’s big retirement speech last week and both of them talking about wanting to start a family soon.

“Brie is currently scheduled to face Charlotte for the Divas Championship this weekend at Fastlane. It’s possible that Brie will stick around until after WrestleMania 32, but it’s believed she will be finishing up with the company sooner than later.”

This doesn’t come as a shock to the WWE Universe, who speculated she would end her career around Bryan’s. His did come as a shock to all, but that doesn’t mean Brie was considering it before his announcement last week. Her promo on WWE Raw also indicated that perhaps it’s almost time to hang up the boots.

E! Network posted an article about Brie talking to Nikki about her health being a priority at this stage in her life. Here’s what she said.

“I think you’re health is the most important and you should put that first,” Brie says. “It’s not about your next two weeks or your next two months or being the longest-reigning Divas champion. It’s about your next twenty to forty years and you feeling good and your health.”

Brie adds, “If it was me, I would not sacrifice my body.”

This news comes on Monday morning, one week after her husband retired due to health reasons. Brie Bella isn’t a hypocrite by any means. That wasn’t the intent of her comments to Nikki. However, if she wants to have kids in the near future, Brie will have to take better care of her body. Retaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily include professional wrestling.

Brie Bella Daniel Bryan

Will Brie Bella retire after WWE Fast Lane? This would be her second departure. Nikki and Brie left the WWE several years ago before returning. It’s unlikely that she’d return, if she leaves a second time. The Total Divas star wants to become a mother. Like Daniel Bryan said in his retirement speech, having a family is a priority now. Perhaps, retirement could be the same fate as his wife soon.

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