Madeleine McCann Update: Is Missing Child Still In Portugal?

Madeleine McCann Update: Is Missing Child Still In Portugal

The search for Madeleine McCann has spanned across the world, but no evidence has ever indicated that she ever left Portugal — where she was last seen in 2007. Now her mother has made statements, publicly, indicating that she may still be in the European vacation spot where many believe she was “kidnapped.” The Daily Mail reports that Kate McCann says she “feels closest” to her missing daughter in the area of Praia da Luz, where this high-profile case began.

Kate McCann recently made comments about her daughter’s disappearance, near the child’s 13th birthday. It’s been nine years since Maddie was allegedly “snatched” from the rental apartment the family shared during their 2007 Portugal vacation. The Mirror reports that the long-scrutinized mother of Madeleine McCann doesn’t think the girl is “millions of miles away” from where she was last seen. This is quite a contrast from previous statements made by the family, who have entertained false sightings of their missing daughter all over the globe. One of the most recent sightings being in Australia, and another involving a blonde child who was seen in Greece with “gypsies.” No sighting of any blonde child across the world has ever been confirmed as Madeleine.

Madeleine McCann vanished in early May of 2007. At the time of her disappearance, her parents were dining with friends at a nearby tapas bar. They had chosen to leave their three children — 3-year-old Maddie and her two infant siblings — alone without adult supervision in their rental apartment. This fact has drawn loads of negative attention toward the parents since day-one. In fact, it has aided in fueling suspicion against them, along with the forensic evidence gathered by authorities in Portugal.

Even recent statements made by Kate McCann have fueled heated discussion on social media. The #McCann hashtag stays active with conversation and debate around the clock, with people split on their opinions about what may have happened to the girl. Even though there are many people who believe that Kate and Gerry McCann know what happened to their daughter, the couple also have a large following of supporters who sympathize with their apparent pain at losing a child under such suspicious and mysterious circumstances.

Was Madeleine McCann kidnapped in Portugal and then relocated to some unknown destination in another country? Did she ever leave Portugal after vanishing mysteriously from her family’s rental apartment? These are questions that have never been answered over the course of the nine years she’s been gone. Meanwhile, plenty of people are forming their own opinions and theories, including the girl’s family and the investigators who have never been able to crack this case.

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