Ben Higgins’ Hometown Sets Stage For Romance: ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers Tease Episode 7 Drama

Ben Higgins is taking his final six ladies to Indiana for Episode 7 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season. Emotions are running high in this one, as two ladies will end up being eliminated and the other four will get to take Ben home to meet their families. What Bachelor spoilers are available for this February 15 show?

As previous Bachelor spoilers have detailed, Ben Higgins and these six ladies head to Warsaw, Indiana, his hometown, for the next round of dates. There will be three individual dates without roses, and one group date where there is a rose to be snagged. Before the crew leaves Indiana, two more bachelorettes will be left without roses, heading home on their own.

Higgins and JoJo Fletcher will have a one-on-one date that incorporates a favorite place of Ben’s: Wrigley Field in Chicago. A new Bachelor spoiler sneak peek via the show’s Facebook page shows the duo heading into the venue and having a bit of fun.

Reality Steve’s spoilers share that Lauren Bushnell also gets a one-on-one date in this episode. The sparks have been flying between Higgins and Bushnell for a while now and it looks like that continues in Episode 7. This is also a date that likely will involve some emotional moments filled with potential, as Lauren is said to meet some of Ben’s close friends.

The Bachelor spoilers also share that Ben and Lauren will visit the Baker Youth Club, where Higgins volunteered in his younger days. Adding to the excitement of the day, it seems that some players from the Indiana Pacers will stop by to hang out with Higgins, Bushnell, and the kids. From the sounds of things, this date goes very well.

Emily Ferguson gets the other individual date, and she will surely be filled with nerves as she meets Ben’s parents. The last time that Ben and Emily got together with a parental figure, it was the day that he eliminated her twin sister, Haley. According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, things head in a similar direction during this Episode 7 date. It seems that Ben will eliminate Emily after meeting with his parents.

The other three ladies, Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton, and Becca Tilley, head out on the Episode 7 group date with Higgins. They will hang out at a farm during the day, and a new Bachelor spoiler preview shared via the show’s Facebook page shares some of the conversation ahead between Ben and Becca.

Becca had quite the crush on Ben already before she joined the show, and she does open up a bit more about her strong feelings on this group date. At the same time, the Bachelor spoiler teasers detail that she will have a bit of a tough conversation with Ben, wanting more from him. She admits that she has gotten a bit frustrated, but Higgins has some tough questions for her as well. Tilley adds that ultimately, she hopes that he won’t blindside her.

While Becca was surely hoping to get the group date rose during this episode, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers tease that Amanda is the one who gets that honor. Higgins and Stanton get to spend some quality time together at a carnival created for them and this means she is guaranteed a hometown date.

Heading into the rose ceremony, Emily is already gone, per Reality Steve’s spoilers, meaning that just one other bachelorette will be eliminated. Ben Higgins is said to eliminate Becca Tilley, though viewers will have to tune in to see if she is left feeling blindsided.

That means that Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, and JoJo Fletcher, along with Amanda Stanton, get Higgins’ hometown dates and viewers will get to see those in Episode 8 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season. Which lady scores Ben Higgins’ final rose, and will Reality Steve’s spoilers regarding that supposedly jaw-dropping final rose ceremony pan out to be accurate?

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