Chris Soules: Former ‘Bachelor’ Star Says He May Be ‘Meant To Be Single’

Chris Soules is still single, and it sounds like he plans to take his time when it comes to finding his future wife. The former Bachelor star admits that while he hopes to find love someday, he also sometimes wonders if he’s simply meant to be single. In an interview with People, the 34-year-old Iowa farmer said he is focusing on himself after his high-profile breakup with his ex-fiancée, Whitney Bischoff, last year.

In the new People interview, Soules says that nine months after his split from his Bachelor final pick, he hasn’t lost hope on finding love. But Chris has also made peace with the fact that he needs some more time to heal before he throws himself back into the dating game.

“I’m hopeful for love. But when you go through a breakup, you get stung a little bit and you pull back. There are times I wonder if I’m meant to be single. But I’m hopeful I can eventually find that person.”

Soules also revealed that dating is taking a definite backseat as he focuses on himself right now.

“I’m taking a break. I’m focusing on me, putting my head down and working really hard. I’ve been sort of neglecting things that are really important to me.”

Chris Soules previously told Us Weekly that while he is no longer engaged to Bischoff, the two have remained on friendly terms and that they “catch up regularly.” Chris also revealed that he is enjoying the single life, and is in no big rush to get back out into the dating world.

“I’m single and doing my thing. After dating 30 women and being engaged, I’m sort of taking a step back and trying to process things and get back into normal life. And then somebody will come along, I’m certain.”

Of course, once he does dive back into the dating pool, don’t except Chris Soules to rekindle things with any of his former Bachelor castoffs, including his runner-up, Becca Tilley, who went on to compete for love a second time on Ben Higgins’ season of the show.

“A lot of people asked about us getting back together. She’s a great girl and I hope the best for her, but for me, that chapter in my life is closed. I think it’s best for me to move on, have a fresh start and find love a different way. I’d like to date someone who doesn’t know who I am!”

That may be hard to do, considering The Bachelor is watched by millions of viewers every week. Still, when it comes to taking that next step with a first date, Chris Soules definitely has plenty of experience. He already survived one of the most awkward first dates of all time when we went to see a “love guru” with contestant Carly Waddell during his season of The Bachelor.

The cringe-worthy date included a series of bizarre exercises to test the couples’ connection. Chris and Carly engaged in blindfolded massages, practiced heavy breathing techniques, and even smeared melted chocolate on one another. Waddell later slammed the experience as the worst dates of her life. Even longtime show host Chris Harrison agreed it was pretty bad. On his blog for Yahoo TV, Harrison described the date as “one of the most awkward first dates in the history of awkward first dates.”

While Chris Soules is decidedly single for now, he recently joked about a Bachelor date night with fellow franchise star Ben Higgins. Last month, Soules posted a photo of himself kissing Higgins’ hand as they attended the wedding of his former Bachelor girlfriend, Jade Roper, and her new man, Tanner Tolbert. Don’t they make a cute couple?

Check out the video below to hear Chris Soules talk about his worst date ever.

[Photo By Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Friends of Hudson River Park]