It Now Seems What One Direction's Harry Styles Didn't Do Is Big News

Harry Styles and his One Direction bandmates are just weeks away from their much-publicized hiatus. Styles and the rest of the boys are heading off for a very well-earned break, as soon as the annual round of award shows is over. The problem is that no one seems to have told the media to give Harry some space to enjoy his time off. Styles is well used to being talked about in the gossip columns, but normally what Harry is doing features somewhere in the story. Now, it seems that, in the absence of anything else to talk about, what Harry didn't do is big news, too.

In a story that will shock absolutely no one, the Mirror reports today that Harry did not spend Valentine's Day with Kendall Jenner. It seems that the Mirror really grabbed the scoop on Harry this time as they report that they assumed Styles and Jenner would spend the day together but that they were on opposite sides of the U.S. for Valentine's Day.

"[We assumed Harry And Kendall] would have been planning to spend the most romantic day of the year staring at each other's perfect faces but alas, they were on different sides of the US on Saturday night."
It isn't exactly clear why the Mirror expected Harry and Kendall to spend Valentine's day together. After all, the Mirror reported on January 3 and again on January 31 that Harry and Kendall had already split up. Of course, what the Mirror didn't report is that most of Harry's fans believed that "Hendall" was yet another tiresome publicity stunt. Now that reporting what Harry didn't do is a thing, perhaps we will see stories saying that Harry did not parade naked down London's Oxford Street because he didn't get a Grammy nomination.
In another story that speculates on what Styles didn't do Unreality TV says that "some sources" are speculating as to whether or not Styles and Louis Tomlinson will "reunite at the Grammy's despite not ever being nominated for an award." So here's the big news, if One Direction are attending the Grammys, they will do so as a group. Does that equate to a Harry and Louis "reunion?"

The Daily Mail seemed keen to join in the "what Harry didn't do next" narrative when they reported that Styles and Zayn Malik attended the same pre-Grammy party in L.A. last night. The Mail reports that Harry and Zayn were not seen talking to each other. Epic!

"Though [Harry and Zayn] were not pictured together at the event, no doubt it was awkward just to be in the same room for the two as Zayn has said some not so flattering things about the group since his departure."
If the rush of stories about what Harry Styles didn't do is to become a regular feature on news outlets, it could prove an incredibly long 18-months for One Direction fans.

One thing about Harry and Louis Tomlinson that many One Direction fans are rejoicing about today is that Louis' Twitter message to Harry from back in 2011 passed the two-million retweet mark on Valentine's Day.

The tweet between Louis and Harry is the second most retweeted message on the social media platform. According to Social Times, only Ellen DeGeneres' tweet from the Oscars in 2014 has been retweeted more times.
For many One Direction fans, Tomlinson's tweet to Harry is the most important tweet of all time because it shows that no one should be afraid to express their love for another human being. The message is one of many things that lead many fans to believe that Harry and Louis either are or were a couple.

Of course, many fans also fiercely deny that Harry and Louis were ever romantically involved. Whatever side of the argument you come down on, one thing is clear. Louis' tweet to Harry expresses love and respect, and it is so appropriate that it hit the two-million retweet mark on Valentine's Day.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]