Real Madrid Players Could Be Part Of Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United

If there’s one thing that English football fans will tell you right now, it’s that once top-performing team Manchester United are in dire need of a new manager. Speculation currently stands that acclaimed manager Jose Mourinho could fill that post. His taking up of the position is likely to mean a wealth of new players drafted in to breathe life into the team, with many speculating that a good few of those players could very well be drafted from Real Madrid, the team which Mourinho once managed successfully.

As you’re likely already aware, Jose Mourinho is largely considered to be one of the most successful managers of his time, with big names like Chelsea, Inter Milan, and, of course, Real Madrid under his belt. Manchester United F.C is currently managed by Louis Van Gaal but has definitely struggled to maintain the same level of momentum since the departure of long-term manager Alex Ferguson. Many fans of the team are now pretty understandably calling for a big and successful name like Jose Mourinho to replace Van Gaal and take charge of the once triumphant North England based football club.

So what Real Madrid players could Jose Mourinho draft into Manchester United? Well, there’s actually a good few players that would be well worth his consideration. The most prominently is Raphael Varane, a player who already has a close history with Mourinho. The Frenchmen is credited with being one of the best centre-backs of his time, so it would come as no surprise to see Mourinho draft the player, considering how easily he works with him.

Isco is a player once well known in Spanish player, but many fans of Real Madrid claim that the player has simply been under-utilized over the last couple of years, or since Jose Mourinho left the club. Mourinho is likely already aware of what’s happening with Isco and there’s a good chance that he’ll offer the star a place in his new Manchester United line-up. Isco is well known for his dynamic thinking out of the pitch and his ethic to working hard out there, both qualities that we already known Jose looks for in a player.

Jose Mourinho Could be The New Manager Of Manchester United

One player who never actually played under Jose Mourinho but still worth mentioning is Casemiro. He’s a rising star in Real Madrid, and there’s a good chance that Manchester United may want to pick him up before he reaches his peak. Plus, considering United’s midfield game is currently lacking, his might just add the spark that’s needed.

That being said, it’s important not to get ahead of ourselves here. Jose Mourinho hasn’t yet been confirmed as the new management at Manchester United, and while it’s looking increasingly likely, there’s still a chance that the team might stick with the incumbent Louis Van Gaal. That being said, we’d definitely say that the ex-Real Madrid manager would make a good fit for a team that’s without a doubt in need of new management.

At their peak, Manchester United were at the top of British football under long-term manager Alex Ferguson. However, after the well-loved manager’s departure from the club, they’ve truly found it difficult to maintain that same consistency. Louis Van Gaal has been considerably less popular with fans than his predecessor, and that’s no surprise when you take into consideration the position that United have now slipped into.

Many fans are now calling for a fresh breath of life into the club, and Jose Mourinho could provide just that. That being said, it remains to be seen as to whether or not he’ll take up the position and what changes he’d make if he does.

[Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images]