‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nathan Surprises Maxie, Hayden And Liz Butt Heads, And Nikolas Continues To Dig

There is a big episode coming with Monday’s General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Hayden and Elizabeth will have a tense conversation while Jason and Sam make up for lost time. Nathan has something for Maxie, but it may not be what she, or viewers, think it is. What else can fans expect from this February 15, show?

As viewers saw on Friday’s show, Jason got Sam out of the hospital and back to his place, while Elizabeth arrived at Wyndemere and found Hayden trying to get into Nikolas’ safe. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason and Sam will spend some time getting a bit frisky as they reconnect, though We Love Soaps details that he will soon get a troubling call of some sort.

When it comes to Hayden and Elizabeth, General Hospital spoilers share that Hayden will explain that she is more than a guest at the estate now, and she adds that Liz is no longer welcome there. Of course, that is not exactly true, as Nik and Laura are close to Elizabeth, but obviously Hayden has no interest in having additional company at the estate. Just who will win out in this new battle?

General Hospital spoilers detail that Nikolas will make some headway in uncovering Hayden’s real identity during Monday’s episode. Just who is “Rachel” and what are her true motives for being in Port Charles and getting close to Nikolas? Fans have their theories, but answers may take a while to emerge.

Monday’s episode brings more action for Lulu, Dante, Maxie and Nathan as well. As She Knows Soaps indicates, Nathan will bring out a ring box when he is talking with Maxie. It would be pretty natural to think this means he is about to propose, but does he have something else in mind? General Hospital spoilers tease that she is about to get the wrong idea.

As for Lulu and Dante, Maxie orchestrated an opportunity to lock them in a suite together, hoping they might find a way to reconnect and work out their differences. General Hospital spoilers note that they will be at a bit of a loss regarding what to do next.

Will Dante and Lulu be able to reconnect? There are some General Hospital spoiler teases that there will be more from these two in Wednesday’s show, and perhaps again later in the week, but viewers will have to stay tuned to see what comes next for them.

There will be tidbits of action related to Jordan, Curtis and Valerie in Monday’s episode too. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jordan will insist on warning Valerie about how bad Curtis is while Curtis and Andre have an intense conversation. As much as Jordan wants Curtis to leave town, he doesn’t seem to have any interest in leaving anytime soon.

As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers share that Morgan’s mental health issues lead to an impulsive decision, and teasers indicate that there could be very bad things about to happen for him. Alexis and Julian’s wedding is slated to play out on Friday’s show, but viewers should not expect it to play out smoothly.

There is still drama to play out regarding Helena’s will, as General Hospital spoilers tease that things will not go quite according to plan. Laura has been invited to the will reading and Nikolas has indicated he is confident that he will be in a good position as the eldest male heir when all is said and done. However, viewers are guessing that there are surprises ahead on this front and more should be revealed soon.

Will Lulu and Dante find their way back to one another? What comes next for Jason and Sam? Who is Hayden and what does she want when all is said and done? Viewers will not want to miss what comes next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]