‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ Hometown Dates Set The Stage For Episode 8

Next up for Ben Higgins on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season are the hometown dates with his final four ladies. Lauren Bushnell, Amanda Stanton, Caila Quinn and JoJo Fletcher will all be taking Ben to meet their loved ones, and one lady will have to say goodbye to the man she envisioned as her future husband. What Bachelor spoilers are available for this February 22 episode?

According to Reality Steve‘s spoilers, Amanda Stanton’s hometown date will take place in Orange County, California. His Bachelor spoilers detail that Ben and Amanda filmed their date at Treasure Island, a private beach in the Laguna Beach area. He adds that Ben did meet Amanda’s daughters, a fact that has been confirmed by various extended previews shown for the season.

Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Caila Quinn’s hometown date was filmed in Hudson, Ohio. Ben met some of her family and it seems that the couple spent some time at the Western Reserve Academy, where she attended school.

JoJo Fletcher’s hometown date is said to have taken place in Dallas, Texas, while Lauren Bushnell’s was filmed in Portland, Oregon. Just how will each of these hometown dates go? Will there be any crazy, awkward moments? Not much on either of these two dates has been uncovered yet, but more specific Bachelor spoilers will come out in the days leading up to the episode airing.

The Bachelor spoilers from TV Guide tease that there will be some difficult moments in these Episode 8 hometown dates. It is not unusual for the families involved to question the sincerity of the lead, and that will be the case in at least one situation this time around, as well.

In this case, Bachelor spoilers tease that one family’s questioning of Ben’s feelings ends up bringing him to tears. Just which family has such an impact on Higgins? That much is not known quite yet. In addition, there will be an intense conversation between Ben and one date during another gathering. Of course, viewers will have to wait and see if Higgins asks any of the fathers for permission to propose.

While Reality Steve‘s spoilers do not detail anything particularly shocking about these hometown dates, the synopsis for the episode teases a blindside when something unexpected happens for one lady. This could simply be a reference to something like Amanda’s girls being brought to the beach, or it could be related to the elimination or something that Steve’s Bachelor spoilers have not yet revealed.

Ultimately, one of these four ladies will be eliminated and Reality Steve‘s Bachelor spoilers reveal that Amanda is left without a rose at this point. This is said to happen at a standard rose ceremony, not in Stanton’s hometown or anything like that. In fact, Steve pointed out that from what he had been hearing, he anticipated Amanda’s elimination to occur after hometowns before they started.

Higgins and his final three ladies will head to Jamaica after the rose ceremony for the overnight dates, final dates and final rose ceremonies. Which bachelorette will snag Ben Higgins’ final rose? Will Reality Steve‘s spoilers for the Season 20 finale be right, despite teases of blindsides and proclamations of love for two different bachelorettes?

This season has been generating a lot of buzz among fans and they cannot wait to see what happens next. Tune in to ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season on Monday, February 22, for Episode 8 and the hometown dates to see just which families give Ben Higgins a hard time as he searches for his future wife.

[Image via Ben Higgins/Instagram]