Lita Ford Details Alcohol-Fueled Flings With Jon Bon Jovi And Eddie Van Halen In New Tell-All

Lita Ford was one of the biggest names in hard rock in the 1980s. Thirty years later, she’s talking about her flings with several fellow rock superstars, including Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Dee Dee Ramone, Who bassist John Entwistle, Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, and even Eddie Van Halen.

The New York Post detailed excerpts from Lita Ford’s new memoir, Living Like a Runaway, in which the former Runaways rocker wrote about a tryst with the Bon Jovi lead singer and his guitarist Richie Sambora in the mid-1980s. Ford revealed that she had been hanging out with the New Jersey-based rockers at the nightclub Traxx when she invited them back to her hotel room.

According to Ford, she made out with Bon Jovi as they guzzled red wine, while Sambora hooked up with her friend in another bed in the room. Lita wrote that rock star Aldo Nova was also in the room and revealed that the “Fantasy” singer “watched, sipping his red wine, as we tried to fit him in, too.” Lita added that after too much wine, Bon Jovi “began puking in the corner, right on the bedroom carpet,” and she ultimately ended up in bed with Sambora.

“Richie Sambora is the king of swing, I must say. Jon recovered from puking and Aldo finally made his way into the action, and it turned into girl-on-guy fun at the Broadway Plaza Hotel.”

While Jon Bon Jovi has been married to his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley, for nearly three decades, his hookup with Lita seems to have occurred during one of their breakups. But Bon Jovi previously told Men’s Health Magazine that he’s no saint — and his wife knows it.

“I have not been a saint… But it’s not like Dorothea came in halfway through the movie and didn’t know who she got… she’s been in it the whole game.”

Lita Ford’s kissing and telling doesn’t end with Bon Jovi, though. The singer’s list of rock royalty conquests also includes Eddie Van Halen. The songstress writes of a 1980 vodka-fueled make-out sesh with the Van Halen guitarist, which was interrupted by her burly ex-boyfriend, Mark. Ford revealed that a terrified Van Halen told her ex that if he was going to kill him then “just bury me with my guitar.” The rock legend then locked himself in the bathroom and shimmied his way through a tiny window and dropped down four stories to escape.

In her tell-all, Lita also revealed that she once got crabs from Ramones founding member Dee Dee Ramone. She also wrote that she scared the pants off of John Entwistle when he saw that her legs were covered in black and blue marks. Ford explained that the bruises were not from sadomaso­chism but were instead from horseback riding.

Awhile the Playboy Mansion with #PaulStanley.

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But Lita Ford had more than just a fling with one other rock icon. In her new book, the “Kiss Me Deadly” singer goes into detail about her tumultuous relationship with Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi, whom she had worshipped since she first saw his band in concert at age 13. Years later, Ford finally got to meet her idol when she opened for Black Sabbath in a concert tour.

“He seemed so charming, confident and handsome. I would later find out that looks are deceiving.”

Lita revealed that once she got into a romantic relationship with Iommi, he was impotent from his constant drug use. After they became engaged, Ford alleges that Iommi physically abused her and that he once choked her unconscious.

Lita’s love life took another tragic turn when she married Nitro singer Jim Gillette. While she was married to the singer for nearly 18 years, their split was far from amicable. In her book, Ford does not write in detail about her relationship Gillette. Sadly, today, Lita Ford is not only estranged from her ex-husband but also from her two sons, James and Rocco

“Out of respect for my children, I have chosen not to write in detail about their father, my husband of almost 18 years.”

Lita Ford’s memoir, Living Like a Runaway, will be in bookstores February 23.

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