‘Law & Order: SVU’ Season 17 Episode 15: Pedophile Ring Leads Back To SVU Detectives in ‘Collateral Damages’?

Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 15 is titled “Collateral Damages.” The synopsis and two sneak peek clips reveal SVU detectives will be involved in one of its most shocking and troubling cases to date. L&O spoilers hint that a pedophile ring is connected to two high-profile suspects. Additionally, one promo clip for “Collateral Damages” implies that evidence leads back to SVU detectives. Also, it appears that Amanda Rollins might be close to the case when she asks a suspect about her niece.

Most of the regular characters on Law & Order: SVU are good detectives. Olivia Benson, Amanda Rollins, Fin Tutuola and the others try to do the right thing. However, they are not the only members of the SVU. As with all police units, there are a few rotten apples. From the promo clip for Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 15, Benson will be questioning her squad about a disturbing case.

Carter Matt published the synopsis for Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 15. The press release for “Collateral Damages” states that a sting operation breaks up an Internet pedophile ring. Two suspects that are arrested in the crimes include two high-profile individuals.

The first promo clip for Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 15 shows the press asking a woman if her husband is a pedophile. Even though the crime shocks New York City, that is not the only thing detectives will be dealing with.

“The only thing more shocking than the crime,” the narrator says in the promo clip, “is that the evidence leads back to the SVU.”

During the promo clip for “Collateral Damages,” Amanda Rollins is seen looking at her work computer. Her hand covers her mouth as she stares at the screen. Rollins appears to be shocked at what she is seeing on the monitor.

The next scene in the promo clip for Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 15 features Olivia Benson questioning her squad. There are both familiar faces in front of Benson, including Fin Tutuola. However, there are also several characters that are not recognized. Benson seems to be giving them a chance to confess, but is she asking about the pedophile evidence or is this regarding something else?

Toward the end of the promo clip for Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 15, things do not look good for Benson. Her office is being torn apart by investigators and Sonny Carisi tells an unidentified suspect they were caught distributing child pornography. Could an SVU detective be part of the pedophile ring? Or were the computers hacked to derail the case against the two high-profile suspects?

An additional preview clip for Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 15 was released. The sneak peek for “Collateral Damages” shows a defense attorney claiming her client, Teddy “Brown Sugar” Hawkins, was set up. Rollins questions the suspect and it appears Amanda might be too close to the case. The SVU detective questions Hawkins about asking her niece to get on her knees. The suspect claims he was gathering evidence and planned on making a “citizen’s arrest.”

It turns out that Teddy “Brown Sugar” Hawkins is a former boxing champion. He is now a face every household recognizes. Just like Jared Fogle was the face of Subway in real life, Law & Order: SVU writers made Hawkins the face for a chain of “shopping mall barbecue joints.”

Assistance District Attorney Rafael Barba asks Olivia Benson if Hawkins realizes the seriousness of his crimes. As seen in the promo, “Brown Sugar” keeps smiling and thinks he is invincible. When it comes to the Internet pedophile ring, SVU detectives are working on connecting Hawkins to the child pornography ring. Benson reveals that Teddy’s home computer was clean. However, there were visits to some questionable websites on the restaurant server.

Spoilers Guide published sneak peek photos of Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 15. There is a picture of Hawkins talking to a teenage girl at the mall. Another L&O photo features the suspect, who is taking photographs of the teen.

One photo for “Collateral Damages” shows a distraught woman surrounded by the press. She is most likely the wife of one of the high-profile suspects. Olivia Benson is beside her, holding her shoulders and trying to give her emotional support.

There are also photos of Rollins and Carisi chatting. It appears the detectives might be in a barbecue joint, perhaps the same one Teddy “Brown Sugar” Hawkins represents. Since the promo has Rollins mentioning her niece, maybe this is one episode that will reveal more about Amanda’s past.

Another picture features Carisis who is on the phone. The wall behind him looks similar to the other photo of the barbecue joint. While he is on the phone, he seems to be keeping his eye on someone. Is he watching Rollins, Hawkins or is he focused on someone else?

Law & Order: SVU season 17, episode 15 airs February 17 on NBC.

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