Identical Twin Sisters Give Birth Six Minutes Apart In The Same Hospital

New Jersey identical twin sisters recently gave birth to baby girls within six minutes of each other, across the hall from one another in the same hospital.

Identical twins often have many similarities besides their looks and often do things together. In the case of these identical twin sisters they took things a whole lot further, by delivering their two baby girls just six minutes apart, across the hall from each other in the same New Jersey hospital.

Originally, baby Cora’s mother, Stephanie Edginton, had a due date of February 5. When she hadn’t yet gone into labor by February 8, she decided to visit her doctor. However by chance, an hour before her doctor’s appointment, Edginton started having contractions and headed to the hospital to give birth instead.

Her identical twin sister, Nicole Montgomery, was set to give birth on Valentine’s Day, but it turned out her little girl Louisa was planning on arriving a few days early.

While Edginton was on her way to the hospital, she decided to call her family and tell them what was happening, only to find out her sister was heading in the same direction, at the same time.

Edginton told the Daily News,“As I was calling my family to tell them I was going in, they told me my sister was going in, too.”

She then called Montgomery to tell her the good news, and apparently her identical twin sister was really excited.

On arrival at the hospital, the identical twin sisters soon found out they would be giving birth just across the hall from each other. Edginton said as she was being checked into her labor room, her sister was able to come in and say “hi.”

According to the New York Daily News, Montgomery added that she felt very blessed to be going through the birth experience with her best friend.

However, this isn’t the first time that the unique identical twin bond has come into play in their lives. It turns out Edginton and Montgomery were themselves born just three minutes apart and they say they have done everything in sync since then.

According to Edginton, they went to the same college, attended the same grad school and even the same sorority. Both twin sisters also recall several occasions when they dressed alike, completely unintentionally.

They reportedly even have the same job as both Edginton and Montgomery work as speech and language pathologists.

Speaking of their daughters, born so close both in time and location, they were asked if they thought the girls would have the same special bond, to which Edginton replied, “Definitely.”

While it might seem rare for identical twin sisters to give birth on the same day, it seems it has happened before. The Inquisitr reported back in June of 2015, the story of Karen and Kathy Escobar, who gave birth on the same day at the Women’s Hospital of Texas.

While their babies were not born minutes apart, they did give birth within hours of each other on the same day at the Women’s Hospital of Texas. Ironically, both identical twin sisters shared the same doctor, Dr. Joseph Salinas, so he definitely had a busy day.

In a similar vein – but not related to identical twin sisters this time – according to another Inquisitr article one doctor got to care for three sets of triplets, born within days of each other at a Fresno hospital. Dr. Steven Elliott, a neonatologist, explained at the time how unusual that was and joked that it was definitely time to buy a lottery ticket.

[Photo cropped and resized via Flickr by Jack Fussell/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]