Louis Tomlinson Cuteness Knows No Bounds — New Details Emerge

Louis Tomlinson may be partying at Grammy bashes with his beau Danielle Campbell, and Briana Jungwirth may have just graced the world with a new Valentine’s Day shot of Freddie Reign Tomlinson’s teeny-tiny hands, as reported by the Daily Mail, but it was Louis’ mum Johannah Deakin who really stopped our hearts when she took to social media to share a few new Tommo-insider insights and key documents this Valentine’s Day

Johannah shared a picture of young Louis with his sisters, a photo of herself cuddling Louis as he smiles with a frosting-covered mouth, and even a detail-rich snippet from one of Louis’ school report cards.

The first instagram photo shows Louis flanked by sisters Lottie and Felicite. Louis appears to be on a laptop, and he must be looking up some football facts because his mum captioned the photo by saying that Louis was teaching the girls “some [football] rules.”

Johannah’s mother/son picture is just about as cute. Johannah hugs Louis from behind, grinning, as he peers off camera with one hand raised into a teeny-tiny claw, as if he is thinking about scaring you or grabbing something. Louis’ chin is covered with what looks like vanilla icing or ice-cream and a few dribbles of it have even landed on his bare chest.

Louis’ mum captioned it saying she was missing her boy.

Finally, Johannah shared a photograph of a section of one of Louis’ report cards from 2001.

We learn that Louis’ silly streak, previously reported by M Magazine, was already in full swing at the tender age of six — he is praised for his athletic efforts but urged to avoid “silliness” during dance and movement sessions. The teacher also writes that Louis enjoys singing and rhythm sessions and that his artwork is showing “increasing evidence of careful observation.” We would die to see the change in Louis’ drawings of cats, soccer balls and family members as he got older and learned how to best render a whisker, a pentagon, or a convincing-looking human face. If it was as impressive as Louis’ songwriting development with One Direction, which began with Louis contributing very little during Up All Night and Take Me Home and ended with his penning the beautiful “Love You Goodbye” for the Made In The A.M. album, it must have been a grand developmental arc indeed!

The teacher writes that Louis is a “cheerful, likeable” boy who is reluctant to write too many words, and who has shown improvement in his math scores.

Perhaps the most heart-melting line, though, is “He enjoyed the work on village life in India.” So adorable! It sounds like Louis might have written a great paragraph about Indian culture in his exercise book, without his usual reluctance, after the teacher gave her talk to the class. Maybe he also drew an Indian Toda hut or something similar, taking care to color within the lines.

Louis’ teacher has a couple of thoughts about where young Louis could improve: he is apparently careless with his belongings and a bit disorganized with his homework. Overall, the tone of Louis’ report card is very positive, though, and you can tell the teacher wanted to give him an A++ for cuteness as well.

In other Louis news, the Doncaster hearththrob took time out to shop with his childhood friend and assistant Oli Wright in L.A. yesterday.

The pair were spotted clothes-shopping, and some fellow shoppers managed to snap a few pictures.

Observers reported that Louis stopped in at makeup store Sephora. Perhaps Louis was buying a Valentine’s gift for his girlfriend Danielle Campbell.

[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision for Hasbro/AP Images]