“It’s Tense” — Louis Tomlinson Love Triangle Keeps Him Off Pre-Grammy Red Carpet?

Music-News has reported that Louis Tomlinson is finding it difficult to juggle the needs and demands of his girlfriend Danielle Campbell and his baby mama Briana Jungwirth, who gave birth to Louis’ son Freddie Reign last month.

Briana apparently finds it hard to see Danielle and Louis together. Briana and Louis attempted to have a relationship but broke up while the blonde was still pregnant, and by the time Freddie Reign was born it looked like Louis and Danielle Campbell were getting quite serious.

A source told told Heat magazine that Louis and Briana were together for a while and managed to keep their romance out of the public eye by avoiding photographers and traveling separately.

“Louis and Brianna were together for over six months – it was more than a one night stand. They were discreet, and would often travel in different cars and leave places by different exits.”

Life and Style reported that Tomlinson ended things with Jungwirth. “He dumped her,” a straight-talking source told the mag, as reported by Hollywood Life.

Briana is now finding it really difficult to watch Louis out with his actress girlfriend as she stays home nursing their son Freddie.

“Now Briana’s seeing him out with Danielle in public, it’s hard. She’s got to find a way to cope with that.”

“It’s tough for Briana, being at home with the baby and seeing Louis date someone else,” said a friend of Briana’s named Luke Poole.

Daily Mail is now reporting that Briana shared a Valentine’s Day snap showing Freddie’s tiny hand, with a caption saying Freddie is the best Valentine she could have asked for.

It sounds sweet on the surface, but could the single mom be taking a passive-aggressive shot at Louis, who was probably dining new beau Danielle on Valentine’s night? If Briana has made one thing clear, it’s that she would ideally love to have two Valentines: both Louis and Freddie, at home with her as much as possible.

Some outlets report that the aggressive blonde, who is determined to bag the One Direction star as her husband, has called Danielle Campbell “nonexistent” as reported by Sugarscape. Friends say the blonde is a “homebody” who will “want Louis at home with her and the baby.”

Apparently some Jungwirth/Tomlinson family tensions are adding to the difficulty.

“It’s tense. Louis and Briana’s parents don’t seem to get on at all. Louis’ mum helps him look after his money and what he spends. She is helping her son decide what Briana gets. Briana’s family just want to be certain that Louis is going to look after her and the baby. They want to come to an agreement, but it’s not easy.

“Louis is a remarkable dad. But he needs to get his priorities straight.”

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that Louis opted to stay off the red carpet when he attended the Primary Wave pre-Grammy party today.

Fans wondered why actress Danielle Campbell walked the carpet without her beau.

It’s likely that Tomlinson, who is known to be a kind person, did this to protect Briana and spare her from having to see the Daily Mail shots of him looking glamorous with Danielle while she was bathing Freddie and changing his diapers.

Paps did manage to grab some photos and clips of Louis and Danielle leaving the venue. The couple looked loved-up — Louis wrapped his arms around the brunette, bear-hugging Danielle from behind as she smiled a coy smile.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]