Flint Michigan Officials Say Legionnaire’s Deaths Were Preventable

The toxic water in Flint Michigan is what caused the Legionnaire’s disease to kill nine people from the city. Eighty-seven people ended up with the disease, and although nine of them have died from it so far, many probably wish they were dead from being so sick from the disease.

According to CNN, the Genesee County Health Director, Jim Henry is really angry and upset with the city of Flint Michigan because he says these deaths could have been prevented. They could have been prevented if they would have been able to test the water to find the lead poisoning in it. However, CNN reports that because the city wouldn’t invite the Center’s for Disease Control into the city to help them test the water, so many people have gotten sick and nine of them have died from being exposed to the toxic water.

When Henry was giving the exclusive interview with CNN, he got angry and upset just talking about it. He says the people who ended up sick and those who died didn’t deserve this treatment.

One thing is for sure, the city of Flint doesn’t just have toxic water, but they also have a problem getting access to fresh fruits and vegetables for the nutrition they need. Flint is called a food desert because of the lack of access to fresh food. However, there is talk about providing EBT and SNAP benefits to those people whose children were highly exposed to the lead poisoning from the toxic water.

The water supply should have been tested in Flint Michigan.

According to Newsday, this toxic water situation in Flint can be called many things but one thing is for sure, it is a catastrophe. Nearly 9,000 children under the age of six were exposed to the lead poisoning from being exposed to the toxic water. Because of this, these children could have behavioral problems and developmental problems such as a lower IQ. The problems in Flint can and will be felt for many years.

One person out of the nine people who died from the disease from the toxic water was a woman named Debra. According to her son, Troy Kidd, his 2-year-old daughter will now never get to grow up with a grandmother because of the toxic water situation. CNN reports that Debra went into the hospital complaining of a migraine headache. The hospital gave her medication to treat it and sent her home. However, a couple of days later, the woman ended up with a really high fever of about 105 degrees. While in the hospital, her lungs stopped working on their own and her oxygen levels dropped dangerously low. A couple of days later, she died. It was later found out, she had Legionnaire’s disease from the lead in the water supply. Her death could have been prevented if the CDC would have been allowed to come in and test the water supply and change it after it was found that there were high levels of lead in it.

Toxic lead poisoned water in Flint Michigan.

Troy Kidd believes the visit to the first hospital is where she contracted the disease and he is now suing that hospital for her death.

CNN also reports another woman, Connie Taylor contracted the disease and is now suffering from it. She is in a nursing home now because she can’t walk and her kidney’s are failing. She is now on a dialysis machine for her kidney’s while she waits to find out if her daughter’s kidney is a good match for her. Taylor almost died from the disease and is constantly suffering from it. While she was in the hospital, she was put on a ventilator because her lungs weren’t working. The doctor’s told her daughter’s that if her lungs didn’t improve on their own, she wouldn’t make it out of there alive.

The Flint Michigan water crisis has definitely affected many people’s lives.

[Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]