Man “Testing” Gun Shoots Himself In The Privates, Gets Arrested

You’ve heard of shooting yourself in the foot? How about popping one off in the genitals? That’s the story of a poor Oklahoma sap who was arrested shortly after accidentally mutilating himself over the weekend.

On Saturday, 36-year-old Tavares Donnell Colbert accidentally discharged a firearm into his precious family jewels. The Oklahoma City Police Department then responded to a call from the Southwest Medical Center around 9:00 a.m. to address a gunshot victim, reports The Weekly Vice. Colbert, a convicted drug dealer from Watonga, told cops that he had found the gun and was planning on selling it at a convenience store, reports the Huffington Post. He pulled over his truck to make sure the gun worked, and found out the hard way when he accidentally fired a round into his own goods. Panicked, he drove himself to the hospital.

Since Colbert has a rap sheet as long as his arm, he’s not allowed to legally own a gun, and was subsequently arrested after treatment. Once the hospital declared him fit, he was hauled off in a paddy wagon, reports the Daily Mail.

Ironically, Colbert had declared on his Facebook page that he just plain can’t stand dumb people. “Boy sum people aint shit!!!!!!!!” Colbert wrote on his wall. “They momma and daddy shouldnt of even named them shoulda just let them drop and bust they head when they were born LOL.”

I am rubber, you are glue. What you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.

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