Teresa Giudice Hoping To Get Pregnant Before Joe Heads To Prison

Teresa Giudice doesn’t seem to mind the idea of being a single mom to four girls while Joe is in prison. Now, news is out that she is actually hopeful to be a single mom of five while her husband is locked away. Radar Online shared that Teresa is hoping to get pregnant before Joe heads off to prison. Maybe the couple will be able to get a boy this time, but Joe Giudice being gone will be hard on her. Teresa is going to be a single mom either way though.

A source close to Teresa shared that they are trying to have a baby for sure. The source went on to say that Joe and Teresa have been intimate since she got out of prison. Joe and Teresa seem to be doing great together. The source even went on to say that Teresa is glowing right now and it is very possible that she could be pregnant already. If that happened, then it did happen really soon for the couple.

Teresa Giudice’s cellmate Deseree Bradshaw shared that while they were in jail together Teresa would talk about wanting another baby when they passed around baby photos. Teresa and Joe do make gorgeous babies.

A source went on to share more about Teresa Giudice wanting to have another baby.

“Teresa knows a baby would be ratings gold, especially with her as a single mother with Joe in jail. And it would be a dream for Bravo, too. Everybody wins.”

It is very possible that Joe Giudice could get deported to Italy after he gets out of jail. The source shared that Joe thinks with another baby Teresa will be more willing to follow him if this happens. So far, the couple is not revealing their plans if Joe Giudice does have to go.

Perez Hilton also shared that Teresa Giudice is ready to go into the yoga business now that she is out of jail. She shared that it helps to keep her calm. Teresa is doing it for her personally and also considering yoga as a way to make money.

“I want to come out with my own yoga DVD tape, my own yoga line. If you put out what you want, sometimes you get it. Never say, ‘I can’t do that,’ because then you’re already bringing yourself down. I’m excited. I love yoga. It really changed my life. It really got me through this whole ordeal – it really did – being there and everything. I can’t live without it now. Even if I just do a down dog for a little bit, it makes me feel good.”

Teresa Giudice also has plans to try to make $40 million this year. That is a lot of money for her to try to make in one year, but with yoga and the show you never know what Teresa can actually end up pulling off. She is a business woman. Teresa also has her new book, which just came out this month. That will be making her a lot of money. This book is one that she wrote while in prison.

Are you shocked to hear that Joe and Teresa Giudice are trying to have a baby before he heads to prison? Do you think that Teresa is making the right decision by wanting to do this now? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Joe and Teresa when The Real Housewives of New Jersey returns to Bravo. At this time, they have not announced a return date, but they will be on the show.

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