Jillian Michaels’ Six-Step Weight Loss Plan: Easy And Fail Proof

Are you ready to lose weight once and for all? Try to resist telling yourself that you will lose weight tomorrow, next week, or even next month. The time is now; no more putting off weight loss and reclaiming your health. Dr. Oz talked to fitness trainer Jillian Michaels about her all-new, easy, fail-proof eating plan. Michaels swears that it works, and best of all, it is extremely simple.

To lose weight and be successful, you must first establish why you want to lose weight. Jillian explains that most of the weight loss is mental. Once you convince your brain that you want to lose weight, the rest is pretty simple. Jillian explains to let the “why” you wish to lose weight be your ongoing motivation to keep going. Jillian noted that pegging the why you want to lose weight reduces the amount of self-destructive behavior many early dieters engage in.


Jillian explains it is a requirement to cut out the harmful noise. Whether that negative driving force is your mother or maybe even a close friend, during your weight loss journey, you need to surround yourself with love and support. Also, Michaels explained to not allow yourself to participate in negative self-talk. Don’t doubt that you can lose weight before you even start. You can do this; it’ll just take some time.

Jillian noted the most important part of any weight loss plan was getting control of your portion sizes. Once you have control of the portions sizes, you will start eating the right amount of food, without overeating. Jillian explains that it should be the primary focus of many weight loss plans — to get control of portions sizes and implement an exercise routine.

As a general rule, for a serving of carbs, a fist size is the right serving. Protein sizes should be the size of your palm. And, your veggies serving size should be two handfuls. As a general rule, fats should only be the size of your thumb.


Jillian understands that vegan and vegetarian diets are not feasible for many people because they are so restrictive. Instead, she recommends reducing the amount of animal meats that you consume. Eat less beef, pork, and chicken and more vegetables in your diet. This way, you won’t feel like you deny yourself any meats, and you can concentrate on eating whole, natural foods.

One of the best tips she gave was to customize your meals when eating out. She said to ask the server questions about how the food is cooked and ask for them to cook it a healthier way if you need too. Jillian noted that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask them to cook your food a healthier way. Everyday Health reported when all else fails, claim you have a food allergy and cannot eat certain foods. Most restaurants are more than willing to customize a meal due to a food allergy.


Jillian stated that to lose weight you must count calories as strictly as you count your money, and only reward yourself when you actually earned it. For example, give yourself a small bowl of ice cream when you burned extra calories at the gym. Also, if you put it in your mouth, whether it is one chip or 20, the calories matter and should be counted.

If you follow these six easy tips, you will lose weight. There is no need to concern yourself with the do’s and don’t’s of weight loss. Just eat well 80 percent of the time, and you will achieve your weight loss goals.

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[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]