February 15, 2016
Sheree Whitfield Defends Telling Kim Fields What Kenya Moore Said About Chris

Sheree Whitfield doesn't think that she did anything wrong when she told Kim Fields what the other women, in particular Kenya Moore, said about her husband, Christopher Morgan. As the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired on Sunday night, Sheree posted several tweets that defended herself.

Sheree tweeted that she's that super awesome person and that she only repeated what really happened.

Sheree also tweeted that she's allergic to "fake s**t." She wrote that people shouldn't say one thing when someone's not there and then something else in that person's presence. She added that such behavior is not cool.
"#IAmAllergicToFakeS**t Don't say one thing when someone's not around and something different in their face! #NotCool."
On the latest episode, the women continued their vacation in Jamaica. One night, the women, with the exception of Kim Fields, chatted with one another while sitting around the hotel pool. Talk turned to Kim's husband, Christopher Morgan, when Porsha Williams asked for clarification on his name. Some of the women gave their impressions of Chris. Phaedra Parks said that Chris is "head strong and a little sassy." NeNe Leakes agreed that Chris has a lot of personality and adds that he seems very protective of Kim in "a weird way." Porsha said that Chris seems "real delicate."

Kenya Moore, who already feuded with Kim over her "Beatless Brunch" and working on Cynthia Bailey's commercial, said that Chris has to have a lot of personality since he's married to Kim. Most of the other women, especially NeNe, laughed at Kenya's insult. Kenya then dropped a bombshell.

"I know you all have heard the rumors. They call him Chrissy!"
Phaedra asked Kenya where she heard that. Kenya said that "the industry" calls him that and that she knows firsthand from her days in Hollywood.
"I have been in Hollywood for 20 years. I have worked with her when she was on Living Single hunny. He's called Chrissy. And I'm not talking about Three's Company."
Kenya continued to imply that Chris is gay by asking NeNe, who said that Chris told her that he worked on Broadway, if he played Roxy. Kenya said that Chris might be "a Broadway actress." Kenya then told the other women that "you can only suppress that urge for so long."

In her interview, Kenya elaborated on her claim.

"For the last 10 years there have been pervasive rumors about Kim's husband. Whether it's Tootie and Frutiee or Kim and Chrissy, they exist."
Some of the other women added to the speculation in their interviews. Phaedra said that Chris "definitely has a little fire in his fireplace." NeNe pointed out that Chris has been on Broadway and does tap dance. Porsha said that she "never got a gay vibe from Chris" but then laughed as if she didn't actually believe what she just said.

In contrast, Sheree and Cynthia, who stayed silent during the poolside conversation about Chris, voiced their objection to what the women did. In her interview, Cynthia said that the women crossed a line. Sheree said that whatever Chris wants to do is his business and the women shouldn't be talking about it when Kim is not there.

The next day, during the wrap party for Cynthia's commercial, Kim told the group that Chris had to leave early because of work. NeNe, Phaedra, and Porsha praised Chris' many talents and personality.

Sheree, in front of everybody, immediately told Kim that the talk about her husband the night prior was much different.

"So Kim, last night you didn't make it out to the pool. There were some things said about your husband that were not very flattering. I like to keep it real and tell the truth. I just want to let you know that some of the things that were said last night were about your husband being fruity or gay."
The episode ended with Kim grimacing and shaking her head in shock.

In her interview, Sheree criticized the other women for now being fake to Kim.

"I can't do it. I am allergic to fake s**t."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chris last week posted a message about ignoring the jokers.

Will viewers see Kim lashing out at Kenya for what she said about her husband? Will Kim also criticize the other women who added to the gay insinuation? Kim posted a tweet that hinted that viewers will see her handle the gossip.

A preview for next week's episode shows Kim denying that she has heard rumors that her husband is gay and that there's anything wrong with her marriage. Another preview shows Kim confronting Kenya, telling her that she won't talk about her husband and family. In an interview, Kim throws up her middle finger.
"Don't let me cut these chicks right now with my mouth."
For her part, Kenya Moore doesn't seem to be bothered by all the criticism that she has received from The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers for questioning Chris' sexuality. She posted a video of Beyonce and wrote that she twirls on her haters.[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]