Tongue Piercing Nightmare: Teen Suffers Gruesome Infection When Tongue Piercing Experience Goes Wrong

One teen’s tongue piercing adventure became one of the most horrifying experiences of her life due to a gruesome infection she suffered shortly after having her tongue pierced. In fact, her ordeal is so rare and disturbing, many social media users who have expressed desires to have their tongues pierced have admitted they have now reservations about piercings.

Of course, there are risks with anything, but the complications one teen suffered from a tongue piercing has tons of social media users thinking twice about piercings. According to the Mirror, Amy Revell of Fintry, Stirling, in Scotland was thrilled about having her tongue pierced. But, like most people, she admitted the tongue piercing experience stirred mixed emotions within due to anxiety over embracing the unknown.

“I was so excited, and a bit nervous, too,” Revell said. “I’d wanted it for a while and was looking forward to having it done.”

Once Amy had the tongue piercing procedure done, she was quite pleased with the results, but almost immediately after, she noticed something was terribly wrong. Although it might seem normal for the piercing to cause a seemingly odd tingling sensation, Amy recalled experiencing something a little more bizarre.


During an interview with Mirror, she recalled how heavy her tongue felt and how it began swelling almost immediately after the piercing.

“I felt a sort of tugging on my tongue almost immediately and my tongue kept getting more and more swollen over the next two days,” Amy recalled. “It’s normal to have swelling and bruising but my breathing was affected too — it was bad.”

As a result of the complications, Amy returned to the shop where the tongue piercing was done to express her concerns about the bruising and swelling. Initially, she was told the bruising was relatively normal but as the swelling grew worse, other complications arose. It has been reported that the swelling became so bad that Amy began having trouble breathing. Amy’s tongue reportedly swelled until she’d developed a blood-filled lump on it. To ease the pressure and irritation, Amy decided to remove the piercing. That’s when she decided to seek medical attention to make sure the symptoms were completely normal.


According to Lift Bump, doctors diagnosed Amy with haematoma, which is the medical term for a localized blood clot. Doctors reportedly admitted that the condition was one of the rarest they’d seen. Luckily, doctors were able to combat the infection before it got any worse. Within a couple of days, the infection had been treated successfully and Amy was able to spit the clotted blood out.

“I felt very relieved, like the worst was over and that it would get better then,” Amy said.

However, as expected, Amy is still quite shaken about the overall tongue piercing experience. Although many teens gravitate to the seemingly fashionable trend, Amy admits she, like most teens, never consider the risks associated with the procedure and how her health could have been further jeopardized because of the seemingly innocuous tongue piercing. But, the experience hasn’t deterred her from wanting other piercings.

“It’s put me off getting my tongue pierced now, but I still want to get my lip done. I never realized the risks before, I do not think any 17-year-old does, but I’ll be more careful from now on,” she said. “After a tongue piercing experience like Amy’s, would you still want more piercings? Share your thoughts.

[Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images]