HPV: Once Known To Harm Only Women, Now Proven To Be Even More Harmful To Men

Nichole Tucker - Author

Feb. 14 2016, Updated 7:22 p.m. ET

For a long time, HPV was considered a sexually transmitted illness that meant pre-cancer for women and nothing for guys. In fact, there is no existing test that can detect HPV in men, and genital warts are only diagnosed once visible. A new study, however, found that men who contract HPV through oral sex are more likely to develop cancer. Just like cervical cancer, common for women who have HPV, men are commonly stricken with two specific cancer types.

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The CDC calculated that 90 percent of sexually active men have HPV, and those who contracted it orally usually get cancer of the neck and head. This new groundbreaking research was conducted by John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, broke down the data into many categories. In the categories of race and age, the researchers noticed that one group of men were at a higher risk for having HPV and developing head or neck cancer that other men. Who falls into that unfortunate category?

The study shows that middle-aged white males are the most likely to develop head or neck cancer caused by present HPV in their bodies. Furthermore, the likeliness of HPV infected men in this category developing cancer increases if they have many sexual partners. According to the study, most men in this age and racial group, have many sexual partners. This reality has caused a surge in numbers of Americans infected with cancers of the head and neck and multiplication in the various types of head and neck cancer in existence.


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