‘The Good Wife’ Spoilers: Producers Spill Details On Series’ Final Episodes

Fans of The Good Wife finally learned last week that the show was coming to an end — during the Super Bowl. While CBS chose to make the confirmation of the show’s long-rumored demise big news by dropping in a promo during the year’s biggest sporting event, the network seemed to make up for the show’s loss to fans by giving some tidbits about what’s to come in the last few weeks of episodes.

First on the agenda is a plot point that most fans probably haven’t thought much about since season one: where Peter and Alicia end up. The show started as Julianna Margulies’ character Alicia Florrick went back to practicing law after her husband Peter, a disgraced politician, went to prison. Although Alicia has had some romantic entanglements over the course of the series, notably her long-running mutual affection with fellow attorney Will Gardner, Alicia and Peter continued to co-parent and Alicia stayed at her husband’s side in public.

'The Good Wife' star Chris Noth

Seeing where the couple “ends up” still leaves the plot potential quite vague. The producers did say, however, that the show will explore Alicia’s experience as an empy nester as her youngest child, Grace, leaves home. Her older son Zach has already left to go to college. Earlier this season, Alicia was by Peter’s side as he launched an unsuccessful presidential bid.

The producers said they would not use a sometimes-employed television plot device to answer fan questions about how characters develop far into the future. There will be no time jumps, so it seems to be now or never for Alicia and her investigator, Jason Crouse, if they are ever to become romantically involved.

'Good Wife' star Gary Cole

The Good Wife is known as a show with fantastic guest stars, and they will be coming back for one last hurrah — or two. The producers specifically mentioned Gary Cole, who plays Diane’s gun-toting, Sarah Plain-loving husband. Other guest stars had yet to be confirmed, but bringing back some familiar faces is currently being worked on.

Zap2It quoted show producers Robert and Michelle King as saying the politics of the law firm will have a major role as the series wraps up.

“Alicia coming back to Lockhart, Agos, Lee and … what does that mean? How do battles change and how do they not? How is there kind of a timelessness to office politics and her connections to all the other people in the world — Alan Cumming’s character, Eli Gold.”

The show may be ending — but is there a possibility that a spinoff is in the works? The Kings, who have helmed the show for all seven seasons, told media they don’t rule out the possibility. But according to a quote provided by TV Line, they don’t want another Alicia-centered program.

“What would be fun is to find a way to spin off a [cast member] that wasn’t at the center, who we wish we had more time with. The show always centered around the Alicia character. What’s appealing would be pursuing a different ensemble.”

TV Line came up with several spinoff ideas, including Peter and Alicia’s two mothers, the judges, the various private investigators who have graced the screen including the now long-gone Kalinda Sharma, a divorce law show that centers around David Lee, and of course Lucca Quinn and Cary Agos. TV Line begged the powers that be to decline any spinoff that focused on Howard Lyman, the law firm senior partner whose presence was perhaps best reserved for a guest spot.

The Good Wife airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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