Jim DeMint Calls For Funding Measure To Prevent “Premeditated Mugging” Of Taxpayers

Senator Jim DeMint is once again pushing Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to pass a government funding resolution in the coming weeks. DeMint has 19 other congressional Republicans behind him this time around, including big GOP names like Marco Rubio and Jim Jordan.

The idea that DeMint is selling is the Congressional passage of a stop-gap funding measure before the August recess. If this sounds familiar, it’s because DeMint has advocated it before. Indeed, he’s long been just about the only Repub. lobbying for it. This time he’s begging for an early vote with some colorful language, saying that quick solvency would “protect the taxpayers from this premeditated mugging,” referring to the advent expiration of high-income tax rates, reports Politico.

“The only way to protect the taxpayers from this premeditated mugging is for the House to pass, before the August recess, a fiscally responsible continuing resolution to extend federal operations well into the new year,” DeMint’s letter read. “Then, Senate Republicans can force a vote on the CR, forcing Democrats to explain – to the American people — why they are seeking a government shutdown crisis. Taking the threat of a government shutdown off the table will allow a serious debate about tax and spending policy before the elections.”

Indeed, some media outlets are predicting that if the Republicans don’t act quickly, as DeMint suggests, that they will indeed be trapped in the tax hike. The CS Monitor opines that Republicans might be counting too heavily on a potential presidential win by Mitt Romney. “If presumed GOP contender Mitt Romney wins, they hope they won’t get trapped into making tax concessions to avoid the fallout of a government shutdown before Mr. Romney is sworn into office,” they wrote.

Should Republicans act quickly as Jim DeMint suggests, or cross their fingers and hope Mitt Romney takes the presidency? Sound off below!