Next ‘Bachelorette’ Becca Tilley? How Long Does Becca Last With ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins?

Bachelor star Ben Higgins won’t hand out his final rose until March 14, but fans are anxious to find out who the next Bachelorette is. Contestant Becca Tilley has a great fan following and there is speculation that she could be a top contender for the gig.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Bachelor Season 20]

Becca was the runner-up on Bachelor Chris Soules season and Ben was surprised when she arrived on the show — something Reality Steve says wasn’t part of Ben’s plan. Steve’s sources state that Ben did not want Becca to come on the show and only wanted to meet girls who weren’t on previous seasons of ABC’s popular reality show.

Apparently, producers didn’t listen and Becca arrived on the premiere with another Bachelor cast-off, Amber James. Although Amber was eliminated in Las Vegas, Becca managed to score a one-on-one and has held Ben’s interest — at least up until Week 7.

Becca doesn’t get a one-on-one on Episode 7 (February 15), but does get to go on a group date in Warsaw, Indiana with Caila and Amanda. ABC‘s previews for Week 7 (February 15) show Becca telling Ben that she’s fallen in love with him and, of course, Ben can’t say a thing.

However, Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that Ben does not feel the same about Becca and although he seemed to enjoy her company, the relationship just isn’t as solid as what he has with the other girls. Amanda gets the group date rose and Becca heads to the rose ceremony only to find out she’s going home.

Of course, there will be some fans who may doubt Steve’s spoilers. During filming last October, there was some confusion over the spoilers when he tweeted that Becca was picked to go on a hometown date. He quickly corrected his mistake, confirming that she did go home at the rose ceremony in Indiana.

Becca has not missed a minute on social media since she’s returned from filming the show. Her fans enjoy her constant Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter updates — it appears that she is really trying to keep her name out there in case producers decide to cast her as the first “Virgin Bachelorette.”

Does Becca have a good chance of becoming the next Bachelorette? If it’s based on fans, she could have a shot, but the show’s creator, Mike Fleiss, recently told Us Weekly that they are looking for a “non-white” Bachelorette next. That would put Becca out of the running and push cast members like Jubilee Sharpe or Caila Quinn to the top of the list.

If producers decide against picking a diverse lead, then perhaps Becca has a chance, but she’ll have some competition — single mom Amanda Stanton who is rumored to get eliminated after the hometown dates, and she has quite a bit of support from fans as well.

However, Reality Steve still maintains that someone who isn’t in the final four doesn’t have a chance. Jubilee left early in the season and Becca will leave before hometowns, so that narrows down the choices to Amanda Stanton, Caila Quinn, or JoJo Fletcher who is rumored to be Ben’s runner-up.

If Becca isn’t asked to be the Bachelorette 2016 and wants to continue her quest to find love on reality TV, perhaps she will be asked to go on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise. One of her Season 20 co-stars, Lace Morris has already been asked by Chris Harrison to join the show this summer, so why not add Becca to the mix?

Are you surprised Becca didn’t make it to the hometown dates with Ben? Would you like to see her become the next Bachelorette or is two rounds as a contestant on the Bachelor enough?

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