Gizele Oliveira Flaunts Derriere In Revealing Thong Bikini With Triangle Cutouts At Rio De Janeiro

Model Gizele Oliveira showed off her bikini body as she posted a couple of shots of her black swimsuit on Instagram. The first photo showed Gizele from the front, as she appeared to be walking towards the camera in an off-the-shoulder bikini top with a triangular cutout. There was symmetry in the design, with an upside-down triangular cutout on her bikini bottoms. The model smiled and wore her hair down in a heavy left part. A second photo showed Gizele posing in the same ensemble but this time from behind, as she popped her right foot and showed off her derriere. She captioned the post, "Never seen so many people at the beach like summer in Rio."

More specifically, the post was geo-tagged in Arraial Do Cabo, Rio de Janiero. According to the Culture Trip, the area is known as being a favorite for locals, especially because there are some amazing beaches there. These include Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, Praia do Farol, and Praia Grande.

This isn't to mention Oliveira's second-newest post, which shows her sitting against a sandy backdrop at the beach or a sand dune, wearing a light blue outfit. The model held onto her straw hat with her right hand, as she appeared to be playing with the ribbons from her top with her left. The ensemble consisted of a wrap-around top, plus matching pants. The post was in paid partnership with Andjela, a clothing line featuring modern classics.

Gizele previously shared some personal information with, including how she first got into modeling.
"Since I was a kid I was crazy about fashion, so that was always a thought I had. I have a godfather that does bridal dresses, and he invited me for a photoshoot and I loved the experience. So since then, I started little by little growing in the business."
Plus, it's obvious that her godfather is an important role model in her life, as she said that this was the best advice she's ever gotten.
"'Don't ever stop being yourself, don't ever change for anyone, don't forget where you came from and don't ever stop being humble.' My godfather told me this before I started traveling and I think about it every day."
She also added that most people don't know that "Besides that I'm super shy, I think my obsession with animals. Doesn't matter which one, if I see one I go crazy. I always smile at every dog on the street." This would explain a couple of her Instagram highlights, one featuring dogs and a second one featuring cats.