NHS England Funding For Mental Health Crashing

A report from BBC details the financial status of NHS in England. Apparently, the funding for the mental health department has dropped over the last few years, and is facing further dives this year, as well.

Anita Charlesworth is the chief economist at the Health Foundation. The foundation is a charity whose goals include improving health and health care for NHS in the U.K.

“Mental health hasn’t increased as a share of NHS funding, despite the fact that there are huge demands on the system, and access to care for mental health still falls way below that for physical health,” Charlesworth said.

“The NHS clearly sees parity of esteem as a key priority and want to prioritise improving mental health. But problems in our hospital sector means that money increasingly is getting sucked in to meet their rising costs, and the NHS is struggling to actually commit resources to fund mental health providers.”

On Monday, the government plans to reveal notes on the mental health taskforce. It is the biggest study of mental health services in the U.K. to date, including a five-year plan to expand and improve programs through the NHS. A Welsh government spokesman added his commentary.

“Spending on mental health services in Wales is rising. Indeed, we spend more on mental health services than on any other part of the Welsh NHS. The Welsh government has also made a significant new investment of £7.65m in child and adolescent mental health services this year — a 17% increase compared to 2013-14.”

A representative from Northern Ireland also spoke on behalf of the initiative for the NHS.

“In Northern Ireland…there has been increased investment in the development of psychological therapies hubs, which are locally-based groups of GPs and voluntary sector partners, who arrange for bespoke referral to and delivery of talking therapies to patients with low-to-moderate intensity mental health problems.”

The report also recorded comments given by a spokesman from the Department of Health.

“These figures do not show the full picture for mental health spend — councils, third-sector organisations and NHS England all play a role in providing services, and all receive government funding. We have made more money available than ever before for mental health, increasing our investment every year since 2010 to a record £11.7bn last year,” the spokesman said.

The Health Foundation is making moves to begin improvements. They are appealing for what they call an invitation to tender, to do research into potential options for NHS funding. Their hope is to give abundant evidence they can use to improve funding further into the future for NHS and all of the U.K.

The Health Foundation is also seeking someone to take up a position researching mental health funding trends and public acceptance for NHS departments all throughout the U.K. They want to find several potential choices for the present and future funding of health and mental health in the U.K., considering the holes in the supply of financial coverage versus demand of care and services.

The foundation seeks someone suited for conducting and analyzing the research and its results and reporting crucial findings in the fashion of a lesson plan that directly relates to the priorities of the health and mental health care departments and the NHS.

The foundation expects this to require a team of people experienced in health and social care funding approaches on an international level. They also need people with extensive research skills who can produce not only a great deal of information, but top-notch quality information and document all of the critical discoveries in a clear, concise fashion. With the NHS in such dire need, they hope to begin funding improvements as soon as possible.

[Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]