Here Is How Some Celebrities Celebrated Valentine’s Day 2016

Today is Valentine’s Day 2016 and you and your loved one should be spending it together with nothing but love on your mind. You know how you two spent your Valentine’s Day, but you may be wondering how the A-list celebrities spent their Valentine’s Day. Many of them spent their day with chocolate, flowers, and a dinner date just like the rest of us “regular” people.

You might not care how other “regular” people are spending this holiday together, but maybe you are a little bit curious how the celebrities spent their day. Whether they spent it with a loved one, their kids, or even by themselves, they must have enjoyed the day no matter what. Here is how some of your favorite celebrities spent their Valentine’s Day.

According to Bustle, Kendall Jenner spent her Valentine’s Day with her friends eating pizza all day together. She really has her priorities in order knowing how best to spend the day when she doesn’t have a significant other. Not only did she post on Instagram a photo of her and all of her friends wearing hooded jackets that say, “Pizza Boys” with a heart around the words, she also posted on Twitter that she loves all her fans too. She said that all her fans were her Valentine’s. How sweet is that?

Bustle also says, although it was reported back in October of 2015 that Liam Payne from One Direction broke up with his long time girlfriend, Sophia Smith, no one knows who he is referring to when he posted “Happy Valentine’s Day baby” with an image of a rose on Instagram. Maybe he is talking to all of his One Direction fans?

Kourtney Kardashian has not one, but three different Valentine’s this year. Her three lovely children. They made her hearts with their names on them and a Rice Krispy treats dessert shaped into a heart just for their lovely mother.

Khloe posted a photo of a box of roses on Instagram without letting anyone know who sent them but we can all guess who it was.

Although many stars spent their love holiday with their loved ones, some spent the day alone. According to ET Online, Kaley Cuoco now has a major revenge body since her divorce from Ryan Sweeting. She has been on tour and showing off her revenge bod to everyone.

ET Online also reported that Kate Hudson, another Aries star, is single on this Valentine’s Day and regardless of what her horoscope says for the big day, here is what she is saying about dating.

“I think dating is weird. So I’m not like a big dater.”

Rihanna is single this Valentine’s Day too, and she says it is because there is too much to do to also be dating someone. According to Rihanna, she likes to keep her private life as private as possible. That seems a little hard to do though when she is always in the spotlight. Rihanna had this to say about dating and Valentine’s Day when she was on the Ellen Show earlier this month:

“I can’t even find the time to entertain a steady relationship.”

Of course, we shouldn’t just be talking about women who are single on Valentine’s Day. Leonardo DiCaprio is now on the top of the list of the most eligible bachelor since George Clooney is now taken by Amil Clooney. What does Leo think of being single on Valentine’s Day?

Not much because he is spending most of his time trying to win an Oscar while taking his parent’s to red carpet events. How sweet is that of him?

After talking about all of these single celebrities and those with someone to love on this Valentine’s Day, it makes you wonder what the stars signs in their horoscopes have to say about them on this loving holiday.

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]