Dad Cancels Daughter’s Make-A-Wish Foundation Trip To Disney World

4-year-old McKenna May of Ohio won’t be going on her trip to Disney World after all, because her father refused to sign off.

Newser reports that the young May recently learned that she’d been selected by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to fulfill her dream of taking a trip to Disney World, but unfortunately her father stepped in to prevent it. Evidently, William May believes that the foundation should only grant the wishes of children who only have six months to live, and his daughter, who recently finished treatment for leukemia and appears cured, no longer qualifies. The girls mother, Whitney Hughes, disagrees.

So do Make-A-Wish Foundation officials, for that matter, who argue that the girl’s two years of treatment (meaning she has spent half of her life battling cancer) more than qualify her for the trip. But the Sentinel-Tribune of Bowling Green, Ohio, reports that McKenna’s mother and grandmother are now attempting to raise money at local businesses to send the young cancer survivor to Disney by alternate means, though they’ve still got a way to go before reaching their $3,500 goal.

Susan McConnell, president of the Make-A-Wish Foundation for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, expressed her regret that little May could not take the trip, which requires a sign-off from both parents, saying that “She’s been through a lot…What I really feel bad about is she is stuck in the middle.” In response to the reasoning behind May’s father’s rejection, McConnell noted that “The doctors are the ones who determine if she is qualified.”

If dad’s reason for refusing to sign off doesn’t quite hold water, it’s probably worth noting that Mr. May was not present for many of his daughter’s treatments or appointments, as, he argues, the girl’s mother and grandmother kept him away. In his words, “I wasn’t allowed to be involved…It ticked me off.”

But no worries, because he insists that his refusal to sign off on the trip has nothing to do with all that.