Snooki To Kelly Ripa: “Did You Poop?”

Snooki is fighting criticism that she’ll be a bad mom by picking up advice from some of the celebrity-mom greats, like Kelly Ripa. In a Tuesday interview, Snooki picked Ripa’s brains about all sorts of mom-related stuff – including post-birth bowel habits.

Pregnant Snooki stopped by Live! With Kelly yesterday to have a little chat with host Kelly Rips about her expectant motherhood. Ripa having hosted Snooki back in February amidst early pregnancy rumors, teased the Jersey Shore starlet for being less than honest during her last appearance. After playing a clip of her last stop in on the show, Snooki joked, “I’m a good liar,” explaining that she was reluctant to say anything about her pregnancy to the media until she was three months along, reports the Huffington Post.

Quickly changing the subject, Snooki asked “Did you poop?” referencing the popular notion that pregnant women tend to expel their bowels during childbirth. Co-host Josh Groban intently awaited Ripa’s answer. “No … I have never pooped ever,” Ripa teased.

In other news, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi recently tweeted a photo of herself sans-makeup, prompting much media-outlet support. “Nicole looks so much better without the war paint,” quipped Web Pro News. “If Snooki really wants to shock audiences, she’ll do the rest of her stint on her latest television show sans make-up. I think she’ll be pleasantly surprised by the positive response she’ll receive as a result.”

Snooki’s baby, to be named Lorenzo, is due in December, but you can catch all of her pregnancy-related drama on her show Snooki and J-Woww until then.