Kim Kardashian Goes Into Another Venture, Unable To Convince Fans

Kim Kardashian is no doubt among the most popular celebrities in the world. Not surprisingly, she wields significant influence on social media. Currently, she boasts more than 60 million followers on Instagram and more than 40 million on Twitter.

Having made a successful venture into mobile apps through the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game, she was unfortunately unable to replicate the same with the second app venture with her sisters. In the second time round, which was in September of last year, Kylie Jenner’s app got to the top position in the App Store. Early projections put the combined annual revenue for all the apps by the sisters to be about $32 million.

However, the spike in downloads was supposedly attributed to the publicity generated by news sites and social media, and as soon as the buzz wore off, so did the rankings. As a result, by the end of September, Kylie’s app was ranked at position 172 overall in the App Store. This was as reported by Tech Crunch.

Kylie Jenner in an Instagram post [Image via Instagram]
Today, however, Kim Kardashian announced on Twitter that she has signed up to Tidal, a music streaming service founded by Jay Z. The service, which is co-owned by numerous other artists including Alicia Keys and Lil Wayne, has undergone a few teething problems following its launch last year, with fans seeing it as just another music streaming service. The following was the report, according to Bloomberg indicating this.

“There was a lot of utopian rhetoric about restoring the value of music in the digital age. Less time was spent on new features, technology, or other reasons for listeners to try—and pay for—a Tidal subscription.

“The backlash was immediate. Tidal’s detractors weren’t just the predictably vexatious music bloggers, who described the service as little more than a vehicle for musical plutocrats to line their pockets. The haters also included some of Jay Z’s peers. ‘They totally blew it by bringing out a bunch of millionaires and billionaires and propping them up onstage and then having them all complain about not being paid,’ said Ben Gibbard, lead singer of the indie rock group Death Cab for Cutie. The habitually caustic Noel Gallagher of Oasis told Rolling Stone, ‘Do these people think they are the f***in’ Avengers? They are going to save the f—in’ [world]?’ In late May Tidal hovered at No. 9 on the iTunes list of top-grossing music apps, trailing Slacker Radio.”

However, in May of last year, Jay Z relaunched Tidal after acquiring it through a $56 million deal. That said, it has been reported that numerous artists are unhappy with the pittance the service pays them in exchange for rights to stream their music, as reported by The Verge. The following is as excerpt of the report.

“Many artists have accused it of paying only a pittance for the rights to stream their music. TIDAL, by contrast, has promised to pay double the standard streaming royalties, a promise it confirmed with The Verge this afternoon. It’s framing itself as a sort of United Artists for the streaming era, a business built in opposition to tech companies that traffic in ads. That sounds like a huge difference, but of course there are some caveats.”

Kim Kardashian posing with Lil Kim [Image via Instagram]
Kim Kardashian’s Twitter fans didn’t seem to be so impressed with her new venture either. The following are some of the responses she got immediately after her announcement.

Nathan Zed ‏@NathanZed
@KimKardashian put that ish on iTunes and I’ll buy it

Alicia Hardin ‏@AliciaHardin
@KimKardashian Stop trying to make Tidal happen. It’s not going to happen.

DontBeSaad20 ‏@DontBeSaad20
@KimKardashian tidal trash
$hane ‏@ItsTheRealLogic
@KimKardashian your husband is a legend

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