BAFTA Awards: Rebel Wilson And Other Celebs Throw More Shade At The Oscars’ Lack Of Diversity

Comedian and How to be Single star, Rebel Wilson, joked the night away at the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards — primarily poking fun at the lack of diversity at the Oscars.

The Hollywood Reporter has documented her quip on diversity,

“It’s so great to be here at this really serious event. I have never been invited to the Oscars, because as you know they are racists, but the BAFTAs have diverse members and that’s what we all want to see in life … diverse members.”

Rebel Wilson made the cheeky comment about the Oscars’ diversity issues this Valentine’s eve when she appeared at the BAFTAs to present the best supporting actor award.

Besides making fun of the Oscar’s lack of diversity, Wilson next attempted to make fellow actor, and BAFTA nominated supporting actor nominee — Idris Elba, blush at the BAFTA awards.

“Sorry, Idris Elba, you are making me a bit nervous,” said Wilson. “But I am sociologically programmed to want chocolate on Valentine’s Day.”

Elba also took a shot at the Oscar’s diversity issue at the SAG awards as he stood on stage with Beast of No Nation co-star,

Elba also took up the issue with the lack of diversity with the British Parliament.

According to Broadway world the double SAG award winner delivered what he calls “The most important speech I ever made” to the United Kingdom’s Parliament.

Elba’s speech called for more diversity and representation on film and TV screens — because a severe lack of it, will eventually be detrimental for film makers as diversity in the real world increases, he stated.

Idris delivered his speech UK’s diversity focused channel, 360° Diversity Charter, came on air. The channel challenges broadcasters to increase the diversity of talent used in front of the cameras and behind the scenes.

And Elba was not only talking for black people when he said diversity, but rather all people.

“I’m not here to talk about black people, I’m here to talk about diversity.”

Later, at the BAFTA awards, fellow Brit of Borat fame, Sacha Baron Cohen twisted in the Oscars left by Rebel Wilson with his zinger on diversity.

“The main reason I agreed to present at this awards ceremony is that BAFTA has shown none of the discrimination and prejudice, which is so shamefully on display at the Oscars. It gives me great pride that every year BAFTA makes sure that one of the lead actress nominees is a dame … Dench, Smith.”

The Hollywood Reporter has also listed all of the BAFTA winners and nominees. Leonardo DiCaprio aside, the rest of the list appears to be pretty diverse, with The Revenant being in its own category respectively.

All mainstream award shows appear to be predominately white, however Oscar’s catches the most heat for their lack of diversity due to consistently snubbing black film makers and actors.

Protesters and followers of the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite — which included black celebrity influences like Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee, claim that no other major film ceremony practices this as much as the Oscars has.

And followers are still ridiculing The Academy for its lack of diversity on Twitter,

Jada’s controversial video has garnered over 300,000 likes on Facebook regarding the diversity crisis in Hollywood.

And in addition, The Inquisitr reports that Chris Rock — the host of the Oscars — has had pressure place on him to boycott the 2016 Oscars as a black actor/comedian himself because of the lack of diversity.

Rock — now placed in the awkward position — has said that the ceremony “could go horribly wrong” as the #OscarsSoWhite controversy hits its fever pitch.

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]