How To Get A Complete Suit Of X01 Power Armor In ‘Fallout 4’

Fans of Fallout 4 will know that the best way to experience the game is to alternate between mission-driven, fast travelling objective sprints and aimless wandering through the shattered urban landscapes of post-apocalyptic Boston. It’s very easy, however, to lose track of all the stuff that you find, and, somewhat more frustratingly, where you have stored it all. This is especially true of Power Armor. Unless you’re one of those highly organized sole survivors who immediately built a big hutch full of Power Armor frames, chances are that you have fragments of various suits scattered across various workshops all over the wide, wide world of Fallout 4.

X01 Power Armor Guide
Power Armor is scattered across a wide variety of locations in Fallout 4
[Image via Bethesda Softworks]
And of course, true to gaming conventions, the better the armor, the rarer the pieces. A good example is the fact that it took me something like 12 hours of gameplay between finding my first piece of heavy combat armor and finding the last. Now, the very best armor in the whole game, bar none, is the power armor model known as X01. And this armor is seriously rare – in over 130 hours of Fallout 4 gameplay, I found a grand total of two pieces of X01 – a helmet and a left arm. So you can imagine how excited it was to find a full set.

As you’d expect, the full suit is stashed in one of Fallout 4’s many unmarked locations. It’s in building called ’35 Court’, a kind of shopping complex just West of the Customs House Tower which can be found, as you might expect, just near the Boston wharves. When facing the Customs House Tower, turn left. There will be a narrow alleyway leading West. Follow this alleyway and 35 Court will be straight ahead. It’s easy to spot as it has a big sign on it that says ’35 Court’. So far, so easy. There will probably be a few raiders guarding this street, but it’s not much of a raider stronghold.

Upon entering the building, the player is presented with a kind of foyer area with some stairs leading up and a couple of rooms. There is a Protectron and associated terminal and a safe with various bits and bobs. As in many areas in Fallout 4, the stairs lead nowhere, having sustained bomb damage and picturesque post-apocalyptic decay. There is, however, an elevator leading up to the top floor. Ride the elevator, go up a short ramp, and there will be a kind of rooftop courtyard. By far the easiest way to proceed is to just wander about this area until you trip an alarm. Two security-gated alcoves will open up, disgorging an Assaultron and a Sentry Bot. It’s a good idea to save before tripping this alarm, as this combination can get quite hard to deal with in a confined space.

X01 Power Armor
X01 Power Armor has the best stats of all armor in Fallout 4
[Image via Bethesda Softworks]
Energy weapons, pulse grenades and stimpaks are the items you might want to have ready for this fight. If, like many, you find Fallout 4’s energy weapons ineffective and annoying, a reasonably modded up shotgun will chew up robots just as well. The best way to proceed is to shoot the Assaultron in the leg, which will down it, and then pour fire into the Sentry Bot. In each of the alcoves from which the robots came, there will be a red button. Press them both and another security door will open to reveal a full suit of Power Armor. It is only for characters level 28 and above that a suit of X01 will spawn, and once activated, this levelled armor will not refresh, so it’s vital that this area is avoided until the player has reached level 28.

It is likely that a scavenging run will then become necessary, as upgrading the X01 is a resource intensive process. One consolation for this, however, is the fact that this run can be completed in the best armor type currently available in Fallout 4.

[Image via Bethesda Softworks]